View Full Version : SR9 mag question.

06-15-2009, 12:40 PM
So, are Ruger P95 mags interchangelable with SR9 mags?

I am not talking about P89 mags that have the large lip at the bottom. I am talking about the straighter base plate P95 mags. I know that the P89 mage won't fit due to the ledge that is the base plate.

06-15-2009, 10:00 PM
Well... my wife got home with her P95 and I was able to answer my own question. This is a resounding NO. The P95 mag would need some kind of spacer near the retaining plate to keep it from over inserting itself into the gun and locking the slide out of battery while cycling. The mag body will insert just fine, but it would also require a new slot machined into the front of the mag to accept the SR9 mag release system.

I did not try an SR9 mag in the P95. Didn't seem worth the time. It would still require slots to be machined into the body to function due to teh different mag release systems.

So Ruger totally altered the design of the SR9 mag and went against the wonderfully interchangeable 9mm mag system that has existed since 1989... The P85 was the only gun that used a SLIGHTLY different mag and most of them worked just fine with the P89 mags and vice-versa...

Oh well...