View Full Version : advice for gun education center

09-02-2005, 9:52 AM
I am an architecture student doing my thesis on a gun educational facility. I have chosen California as my site because there are so many laws reguarding firearms, yet Cali. has the highest number of crimes related with firearms, and is also pretty high per capita. I was thinking of locating this center in Sacramento because it is a political center. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice on if Scaramento would be the best place for a project like this? Are there any other cities in California that might make more sense?

Thank you for any advice!

In case anyone wants to know what this facility would include:

- Indoor rifle and pistol ranges
- Firearm museum
- Gun library (legal and general info)
- Classrooms for hunter's safety, concealed weapons (does Cali. allow concealed permits?), general training and education, etc...
- Possibly a prototype testing center for more thorough background checks
- Art installations possibly utilizing confiscated weapons from criminals