View Full Version : Addax GPU Accuracy report from a Law Enforcement Customer in Alaska

06-12-2009, 9:22 AM
I just had a Law Enforcement Addax GPU owner, email me his 100 yard test target.

His GPU is a 14.5" 5.56 Carbine Model with a Chrome Lined 1:9 twist barrel.

He shot approx 0.75" group at 100 yards in the supported position, and a 1.25" group Unsupported. This is just a chrome lined YHM 1:9 twist barrel.

He is going to be posting this on a couple of the forums, but I thought I would share this here on Calguns.net.

Here is his input and pictures:

"I shot 55gr Remington PSP.

These are at approximately 100 Yards (Give or take 1 yard)

#1 First Shot, Laser Bore Sighted
#2 Adjusted 2nd shot
#3 Supported 3 shot group, 2 in the same hole, approximately .75".
#4 Unsupported 3 shot group, approximately 1 1/4"