View Full Version : Sig Mosquito Sport

06-11-2009, 10:48 AM
This model does not appear on the 'Safe' list and when I called Sig I was told it's not CA compliant and would not be submitted but the person did not know why.

Does anyone know if the barrel weight is threaded on?
That would make sense but I can not verify it anywhere. They do make a threaded barrel version which is what makes me ask.

06-11-2009, 11:26 AM
Maybe they are anticipating the fall of the roster...:TFH:

Does it have a mag disconnect? Not sure when the original was submitted, prior to MD or not.

06-11-2009, 4:19 PM
I don't know about the barrel being threaded or not. Get one of the .22lr conversion top-ends for a P220/6/8/9 instead of a Mosquito.