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06-08-2009, 4:04 PM
I was able to find (5) Spikes Tactical 22cal 16'' M4 Uppers ST-22 if anyone is interested. Unfortunately, I can only get them in this configuration.


Here are the specs:

M4 flat top with 16" 1x16 twist chrome moly barrel (M4 cut on 16"), M4 handguards, flat top gas block or front site post, birdcage flash hider, Spike's Tactical .22lr bolt and charging handle.

**FYI: The legal 16" barrel goes inside the receiver approximately 1.5" so the barrel looks like a true military 14.5" length. The barrel also comes with the end threaded 1/2 x 28.

This upper utilizes the correct 1:16 twist rate for the .22lr bullet and eliminates the problem of fouling AR15 gas tubes with dirty rimfire ammunition. All of our uppers come standard with Match Quality Green Mountain barrels.

Regarding the Spike's Tactical .22lr bolt. Our bolt is based on the Atchison design with improvements including the following: an electroless nickel finish gives it a much slicker, smoother finish so you do not have to run it as wet which means the bolt stays cleaner longer. We have changed some tolerances, beefed up the firing pin and pre-drilled for a ball-detent.
We test fire and tune all of the dedicated uppers in house with Federal bulk pack from Walmart but some of the dedicated uppers may require tuning for your setup or ammo, un-notched hammers also work best with them.

$590/ea +shipping & tax(ca)
Shipped to your door via UPS ground

06-10-2009, 7:21 AM