View Full Version : Smog and Muffler

06-05-2009, 8:13 PM
So my wifes 2000 Camero V6 needs to get smogged so we can updated the registration on it, so I figured if there is any calgunners that own or work at a smog shop that doesnt cost an arm and a leg, let me know and we will come to your shop.

Also on a side note, about 6 years ago I got a flowmaster exhaust ( single in to dual out) put on her V6 Camero and it sounds like there is a broken baffle so I figured I would try and get a new muffler put on it too. So far the best deal I have found to get that muffler replaced is $150 installed, is there anyone here that can meet or beat that price? Thanks

I am located in Fair Oaks- Sacramento area.