View Full Version : WTB:(Found One) Mosin Nagant (L.A. Area)

06-05-2009, 11:48 AM
Thanks for the offers, I found one!:thumbsup:

I'm looking for a Mosin Nagant rifle in the Los Angeles(Redondo Beach) area C&R cash and carry. Before you ask, I'm over 21, not a felon or criminal, and can legally buy firearms in this state. I'd like to keep it in the $100 range, below would be great. I'm not picky about the model so long as the rifle is not a total beater. The finish of the stock is not a huge concern as I could use it as an opportunity to practice my woodworking skills. If it's still soaked in cosmoline, that's ok too. Basically I want a fun shooter that can be left in the truck, just in case. I know I'm asking for quite a bit but maybe I'll get lucky. PM me if you have something along those lines, Thanks.