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06-04-2009, 6:00 PM
HR 218 is a federal law that gives retired LEOs the right to conceal carry firearms for the rest of their lives. However one stipulation for the retired LEO is that

Sec.3.a.5 during the most recent 12-month period, has met, at the expense of the individual, the State's standards for training and qualification for active law enforcement officers to carry firearms

Now I am aware of the CA POST program yet from what I can glean from the POST website it is a voluntary program. Therefore I was wondering if anyone here knows what the mandatory standards are?

06-04-2009, 6:14 PM
PC 832 Firearms is the minimum training... However, each department has it's own requirements for on-going requalification for their officers and for requalifications for their retirees. So, I would imagine that one could take PC 832 Firearms and requal every year... if one is an out of state retiree... who has a photo/department ID...

Basically, after taking the POST training (regardless of level), there is NO State standard....

Jonathan Doe
06-04-2009, 7:04 PM
832 PC qual is easy course to qualify.

06-04-2009, 8:14 PM
I'm retired, and the minimum standard is set at one qualification per year. The Determination as to what "qualification" means is up to each agency. This means that at least one time each year I go to my old agencies qualification shoots (I go much more often :) ) and shoot a standard departmental qualification course. If I pass My annual I.D. card is amended to show a qualification and that I met the standard for the LEOSA (Law Enforcement Safety Act of 2004). It also shows a date one year from the qualification, and states "authorization expires on that date".

Just for info most, if not all honorably retired LEO's also receive a California CCW endorsement per 12027 PC separate form the LEOSA endorsement. The CCW is good for five year intervals and must be renewed every five years. Generally not an issue unless the retired officer has had some legal issues or due to age or infirmity is not competent to carry a firearm.

If I were to move to another state I could qualify there under that states qualification requirements. Usually at a local P.D. or Sheriff's dept.

Or I could travel back to my agency each year and qualify there. Each year I get a new I.D. card showing the new LEOSA qualification and expiration date.

For instance Arizona has a very defined policy for retired LEO's who wish to reside and qualify there. Here it is:

On August 12, 2005, Arizona HB 2450 took effect which allows the CWPU to issue a “Certificate of Firearms Proficiency” to qualified retired law enforcement officer applicants who are Arizona residents. Retired officers will need to qualify with the type of firearm they wish to carry and pass a judgmental shooting evaluation. Applicants must qualify through a AZPOST certified firearms instructor approved by the CWPU (there is no longer a requirement for the instructor to also be a CCW instructor). The instructor will provide the applicant with an application that must be filled out and submitted to the CWPU (along with other required documentation) and a money order/cashiers check/certified check for the applicable fee made payable to the Department of Public Safety. Upon receipt of all required documents, the CWPU will issue the certificate. Active duty peace officers do not need this certificate; they may carry using their law enforcement credentials.

Firearm qualification will consist of standard AZPOST requirements (50rd course, ranges of 25, 15, 7 and 3 yards, min passing score is 210). The TQ15, TQ 19 or TQ 21 targets may be used.

Judgmental shooting evaluations can be accomplished by a variety of approved means to include the use of FATS/Range2000 units, “friend or foe” targets, video scenarios, etc. This portion of the qualification must follow AZ

POST requirements.

Required application documents will include: a completed LEOSA application signed by the instructor, a photocopy of the applicant's retired credentials, a letter from the agency the officer retired from and the appropriate fee. Fingerprint cards will not be submitted.

The agency letter must be on agency letterhead and include the applicants name, rank, employee or badge number, dates of employment, and retired status. The letter must also contain the name and telephone number of an individual within the agency who can verify the information provided. Use the CWPU LEOSA form letter as all others will be rejected unless arrangements have been made with the CWPU. If a certificate of firearms proficiency expires, the former certificate holder may obtain a new certificate only by complying with all of the requirements in Arizona Administrative Rule R13-9-402. (a link to the Arizona Administrative Rules can be found in Informational Links)

Certificates are valid for one year, beginning from the date the qualification was completed. Certificates are not CCW permits; they are simply documentation of training/qualification that must be carried along with the retired officer's credentials when carrying a concealed firearm.

Nothing precludes individual law enforcement agencies from qualifying their own retirees and issuing their own credentials with the required information.

To Obtain a Certificate of Firearms Proficiency (Retired Law Enforcement Only):

1. Locate an Instructor who is qualified to provide LEOSA qualification and establish a qualification date.

2. Complete the AZPOST firearms qualification course with the type of firearm you will carry (semi-auto, revolver, or both).

3. Obtain the application from the instructor. Ensure they complete their portion and you fill out the rest.

4. Submit the completed application, letter from your agency, a photocopy of your retired credentials issued by your agency and a money order, cashiers check, or a certified check for the applicable fee made payable to the Department of Public Safety. For future submissions, you will NOT need to submit the letter from your agency or the photocopy of your credentials UNLESS the LEOSA certificate is allowed to expire.

5. Submit the completed packet to the CWPU (Concealed Weapons Permit Unit) .

6. Normally, you will receive your certificate within a reasonable period (one to two weeks).

7. The LEOSA certificate is good for one year. If the LEOSA certificate is allowed to expire you must successfully complete the qualification course, submit a copy of your agency letter and agency retired photo id, and applicable fee, to renew it. (Az Administrative Rule 13-9-404)

List of Certified LEOSA Firearms Instructors (Phoenix Metro Area/Tucson Area):

SHOOTER'S WORLD, PHOENIX, AZ 85017 (602)266-2600


TORREZ & ASSOCIATES INC, PHOENIX, AZ, 85003 (602)264-3568


J.P.S. TRAINING, TUCSON, AZ, 85747 (520)419-4130


A GREAT OFFENSE, MESA, AZ, 85204 (480)654-8830



For any other questions you can check out the Arizona Department of Public Safety Concealed Weapons Permit website @ Arizona Department of Public Safety-Concealed Weapons Permit Unit.

I hope this helps.

06-04-2009, 10:10 PM
LASD sends a firearms instructor to Laughlin, NV. once a year to qualify retirees and and certify their HR218 credentials. They usually do it in February or March. I don't know if they do other agencies but if someone really wants to know PM me and I'll find out.

It's done in conjunction with an annual retiree garhering there.

06-04-2009, 10:19 PM
LASD sends a firearms instructor to Laughlin, NV. once a year to qualify retirees and and certify their HR218 credentials. They usually do it in February or March. I don't know if they do other agencies but if someone really wants to know PM me and I'll find out.

It's done in conjunction with an annual retiree garhering there.

I smell road trip!! Some of the best times I care to forget :thumbsup:occurred in Laughlin with a few Deputies and other LEO types. One almost got arrested on his birthday!! :eek::eek:, But That's another story.

I'll bet there is no partying going on there. Just LASD dep's drinking lemonade and cherry Coke!!!;););)