View Full Version : (SPF)M1 Garand parts(SPF)

06-03-2009, 11:52 AM
I have a Orion 7 M1 spare parts kit that I never used and I sold my Garand so I have no use for it any more 70$ shipped

Hear is Orion 7's description of it
G99a New Expanded Kit!!! Complete recommended spare parts kit. Firing pin, ejector assembly, extractor, extractor spring & plunger, our new 17-7 stainless steel operating rod spring, hammer spring, clip ejector, clip latch spring, hammer pin, trigger pin, and follower arm pin. In our opinion and from our experience, these are the parts most likely to cause problems and stoppages in an M1 rifle. All parts brand new or excellent U.S.G.I. All the good handy spares in one package! In stock! 75.00

PARTS SPF Thank you for looking no paypal