View Full Version : Smith & Wesson Model 28 or 19

06-03-2009, 12:20 AM
First Want: A Model 28, 4 inch N frame 357 in blue. I would love a box and paperwork but it's not a deal killer.

Second want: 2 1/2 inch model 19 K frame 357 in Nickle. Same as above on the box and paperwork.

I have found both locally in shops at obscenely inflated prices for less than perfect guns. If you have something let me know what your $ is. I am reasonable and hope you are too. I am located in the OC and would like to use Ade's for the paperwork. If you have one you would like to go to a good loving home let me know & who knows I might have something you're interested in tucked away in my safe...

From a place on the wall.:thumbsup: