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06-02-2009, 12:36 PM
Two weeks ago I went up to Angeles with not one but two “new” rifles. The first was my first AR-Build. But as it is my second AR, I sort of knew what to expect. It shot well and I was even hitting some of the steel at 200 yards… occasionally that is.

The second rifle was not new, and not even new to me, but I still had high hopes that some recent configuration changes would make it a fun rifle to shoot.

That part of the story actually starts about five years ago when I got one of the Big 5 Mosin Nagants for about $80 IIRC. I found a tin of 880 rounds of surplus 7.62x54 for dirt cheap and took it to see my dad in the central desert of Arizona.

We took along some handguns, a few of his rifles, his grandfathers shotgun and some clay pigeons AND the Mosin Nagant for an afternoon of shooting, the day after Thanksgiving; while the women-folk hit the sales. After an hour or so of shooting the clays from a hand trap and going through the various rifles, I pulled the Mosin out of its case and dragged the 880 rounds out as well.

To make a long story only slightly shorter, I came home with 875 rounds of ammo and was convinced that Mosin would look great on my mantel. Oh, and I had a bruise on my shoulder than hung around for almost a week.

Fast forward to three weeks ago when I found an ATI stock for the Mosin on ebay and wound up with it for about $30+shipping. I carefully removed the factory stock and got the Mosin all gussied up in the new stock. I also found a box of Olympic 7.62x54 (no steel/non-magnetic) that I could shoot at Angeles.

I put 5 rounds through it at 50yards, just to see if it was close to sighted in and then the final 15 rounds at 100yards. With the factory iron sights I was able to get a vast majority (let’s call it 11 or 12) rounds, onto my 15” round target at 100yrds.

It still beat my arm up pretty good but nothing like the old wooden stock did, and I’m excited that I now have a decent shooting bolt gun. I’m now even contemplating upgrading the sights. I put a set of Mojo sights on one of my SKSs and think I may look into something similar for the Mosin.

Just wanted to share a fun day with everybody. Now I guess I’ll go back to work…

06-02-2009, 1:22 PM
I love Nagants for that reason...

If you go to the range with someone, there comes a point where you'll ask your buddy, "Do you want to shoot my M44 again?" To which the inevitable reply will be (as he's rubbing his shoulder under his shirt), "No thanks. I'm done..."

For the record, I've seen 91/30s that have been sporterized shoot 3"-5" groups at 100 yards with surplus ammo. Pretty impressive, really...

06-02-2009, 1:26 PM
For the record, I've seen 91/30s that have been sporterized shoot 3"-5" groups at 100 yards with surplus ammo. Pretty impressive, really...

Wow! I never would have expected that sort of accuracy from one. What sort of upgrades does that require? Scope? Tripod? Practice?