View Full Version : WTT for a Dragunov or some type of exotic rifle

06-01-2009, 3:29 PM
I want to trade all this stuff for possibly a Dragunov style rifle or some other exotic rifle. I am open to all offers. This is what i have to offer

Location: San Fernando Valley/ L.A.

Most is vintage all non-corrosive
.30 Carbine 800rnds:
-350rnds FMJ Lake City
-250rnds FMJ PMC
-50rnds FMJ Winchester X
-50rnds HP Lake City
-50rnds lead bullets Lake City
-50rnds assorted Lake City 25rnds HP /Lead Bullets 16rnds / FMJ 9rnds

.30 Carbine rebuild kits
-10 30rnd rebuild kits
-2 15rnd rebuild kits

.45 Auto ammo 250rnds
-140rnds FMJ stamped FN, says “Oxyless” on the box
-100rnds FMJ Winchester Cartridge Co. Dated 1967-68
-10rnds FMJ loose WCC

.45 Auto magazines
-5 7rnd magazines for a 1911

.38 special
-50rnds HP S&W

.22lr 2000rnds
-500rnds Wildcat
-500rnds Thunderbolt
-500rnds Peters
-500rnds Mohawk

06-01-2009, 6:27 PM
I would be willing to throw in around $200 depending what you have