View Full Version : Buying a rifle out of state question...

06-01-2009, 10:33 AM
I am going to be on Active duty orders for at least two years starting in July. After the two years in Fort Rucker, AL I will be coming back to California. Is buying a rifle out of state and bringing it back going to be a problem? I'd assume that if the rifle itself is legal in CA, then it can be brought back.

06-01-2009, 10:54 AM
As you said, as long as the rifle is legal to own in California, there is no issue and no paperwork to import long guns during a move to California.

Import of handguns during a move must be reported to the CA DOJ using the form available on the DOJ website (there is a fee per handgun so imported).

There's one more thing to be aware of (and this one is in your favor). Handguns are legal to import during a move, even if they are not on the "safe handgun" roster. This creates an interesting situation as these handguns can then be sold to other California residents via PPT or consignment sale and are often worth more than their retail price out of state simply due to limited availability. Strangely, if you sold one of the same handguns to an FFL, he can't sell it in CA (unless the buyer is LEO) and must sell it out of state, so the value to a dealer is lower than normal for that transaction.

Important: you are limited to being the seller of handguns in five transactions per year (in one transaction you could sell multiple handguns). If you go over that number, you run the risk of being classified as an unlicensed firearms dealer (bad), so don't think you're going to make a bundle of money this way, but you might make some friends.