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06-05-2005, 10:51 PM
Saw an M1A Scout AA9126 (synethetic Stock, not stainless, 2001 manufacter..so should have chrome-lined barrel), used but only 100 or so rounds, for $1325

Is this a good deal?

Are Springfields cast receivers up to the task? Will the replace if if anything happens?

What sort of accuracy will a scout deliver with surplus like Portuguese?


06-06-2005, 1:31 AM

I did a little M1A research last week...while trying to decide on a .308 battle rifle. I called Springfield and was informed they 'ran out' of chrome-lined barrels in Dec. 2003. Presumably those manufactured prior to that date should be chrome (not sure if it's 100%). Those manufactured after are not.

By the way, how does your Scout compare to that Fal build? Which is more accurate and better able to hold a scope? Which seems more durable?

06-06-2005, 8:42 AM
I don't think Sprgfld Armory ever put chrome-lined barrels into anything but their base-model standard M1A with the standard barrel length.

From what I've heard, seems the shorter-barreled Springfield Scout and SOCOM rifles have never had chromed barrels. From a production standpoint, Springfield would not want to 'waste' chromed barrels cutting them down (since there is a small risk of chrome flaking at the muzzle, and they're not gonna want a rifle run with some barrels running 18.5", 18.25", 18", 17.75", etc. - depends upon getting a good cut.

Why Springfield won't go produce chrome-lined barrels for their line I just don't know. I'd pay $150 extra (their add'l cost is around $45, incl. setup costs, throwaways, etc.)

The several times I've spoken to Springfield Amory reps (at SHOT Show, Reed's S.A. 'event', etc.) they look at me like I'm strange.

The moment I can get a SOCOM-style M1A with a chromed bbl, I'll do it. Guess it won't be a Springfield...

Bill Wiese
San Jose