View Full Version : Two Thumbs Up to GG&G Tactical

05-29-2009, 3:59 PM
Good afternoon everyone,

I just want to let everyone know of my excellent experience I had this afternoon with Shane at GG&G Tactical. Last night I placed an internet order for one of their EO Tech flip up lense covers $40.00 and a $15.00 flashlight mount. Total order of $65.00. It was the first order I have ever placed with GG&G. Shane called me out of the blue this afternoon to thank me for my order and to confirm the model of my EO Tech. That was totally unexpected and I expressed to him just how impressed I was for this type of unsolicited follow up on a measly $65.00 order. We shot the bull for a good 20 minutes or so afterwards and talked about our set ups and shared some ideas. I also gave him our web address and asked him to check us out. That my friends is superior customer service and will definitely result in repeat business from me. It's that type of customer service that separates a precious few from all of the others, especially in a business as competitive as theirs.

Great job Shane and GG&G.

Have a nice evening.