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05-29-2009, 9:11 AM
I recently purchase several USED, commercial cash chests and depository safes and I'm selling the best of them at very reasonable prices. These are all solid steel safes with 1/2" thick doors, good hinges and working locks (dual-key, mechanical combo and e-locks). There are NO gun safes or fire safes in the bunch, but many of them are quite suitable for pistol, ammunition and shooting supplies storage, as well as good theft protection for small valuables, jewelry, coins, etc.

They average 25" H x 20" W X 18" in size and weigh approximately 200-350 lbs. each. Most have provisions for bolting them down to concrete or wood flooring.

The double-door depository safes are mostly useful for retail businesses and include secure slots or drawers that employees can deposit receipts and large bills, without having to unlock the main door(s). On these particular units, each door has it's own e-lock with separate code for each.

These were all pulled from the offices of recently closed drug stores and are in working condition, with only minor paint scuffs and very small dings, if any. Some of the depository drawers have exterior handles missing, from employee mishandling, but are still fully functional. The locks are all functional with combinations, codes, keys.

These safes are located in Novato. Prices range from $75 to $100. This is an "FTF CASH & CARRY" sale. Sold "as-is" and where-is"... NO warranties, NO deliveries and NO returns. You'll need to come prepared with a pickup and at least one muscular buddy to help you load your purchase into your pickup truck or SUV.

If you want a warranty, I will be happy to inspect and service the doors or upgrade the locks for an additional fee and warrant your safe for the standard, one-year (parts & labor that most manufacturers offer, whatever warranty is offered by the maker of any new lock(s) that are installed.

E-mail me at KenSFO@comcast.net to make an appointment to come take a look or to purchase one or more of these little bargains... They won't last long!

Here are a few images that show the variety and condition of the safes for sale:







05-29-2009, 9:33 AM
Here are a couple more images of the cash & depository safes:



I also have for sale a VERY nice used MEILINK, UL 2-HOUR fire safe which also has a "B" UL burglary rating. Dimensions are: 31" H X 25" W X 21" D and the weight is approximately 450 lbs. Not big enough for rifles, but would make an excellent safe to store valuable papers, pistols and other valuables.


PRICE $575.00 - same terms and conditions as described in the foregoing post.

I'd prefer contact via e-mail at KenSFO@comcast.net but be sure to mention CalGuns and which safe(s) you are interested in. I don't check my PMs very often.

You can also try to reach me by phone this evening 4-7 PM at 415-878-0235. If you have to leave a message, be sure to mention CalGuns and which safe(s) you are interested in.

Thanks for looking!