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03-25-2005, 2:39 PM

03-25-2005, 2:44 PM
the primary difference between service grade and rack grade is bore condition. though, if a rifle with a SG bore is in otherwise deplorable condition, it might be sold asd a RG.

if you want a shooter, get a SG. if you want a fixer-upper, get a RG

if you are like most CMP customers, you will end up with both at some time anyways....

03-25-2005, 3:01 PM
Many of the Greek RGs have beater wood that needs to be replaced, though it's not real expensive to do that. Some of the Greek RGs have pretty good metal and barrels, and some have dirty bores that clean up well and have low erosion, but it's unpredictable.

Bore, metal wear, and wood condition are used to determine RG, so if you prefer one over the other, you can ask them in your order comment. I'll be ordering one soon to rebuild an attractive reweld I have, so I'll be asking for beater wood and good metal.

The general recommendation on the CMP forum is for first-timers who want a good shooter to get a Springfield SG, which will be a fine, functional firearm right out of the box. RGs often need some work, and are a good bet for your second, third, etc...

03-25-2005, 3:08 PM
oh oh! one of my favorite topics!
here's a cool site on what some people are getting... (condition wise)

I've been VERY lucky with the $295 Greek rack grades as well as rack grades in general. My IHC USGI rack grade outshoots all my Service Grades!

the way I see and most others on the M1 forums as well...

rack grade:
Greek stocks are horrid! but reciever condition is outstanding & more than likely they will still have the original barrels attached! (a collectable thing).

Danish metal/finish is worn to almost gone, but are in great working condition.

USGI rack grades
almost no parts are correct, but finish is better than the Danish. I would think the muz/bore/TE are hit & miss?

USGI service grade
again, almost no parts are correct, but finish is ok, bores are ok, muzzles are very good & the wood fits tighter to the reciever.

If your only getting one... get the USGI Service Grade. But it's so tuff to decide while the greeks are going for as low as $300... YES! that's a STEAL! especially in California.

p.s. none of my Service grades or Racks grades have a muzzle reading over 2. I don't have a TE guage.

03-25-2005, 6:55 PM
You've gotten some good responses about M1s. I agree, go with a SA SG for your first to get a good quality shooter. Then you can branch out.

I have and 03A3 and a 1903 MK 1. Most people prefer the peep sights on the 03A3 and they are 1942-1943 manufacture. The 1903s are 1918 to 1920's manufacture and have a complicated ladder sight. The 1903s tend to be in worse shape. But the 1903 with finger groove stock and milled parts is a classy sight. I like both.

03-25-2005, 8:57 PM
I have been ordering just Greek Rack Grades and have had excellent luck. Like a few others have said the wood is usually really beat up, but it is easy to replace. I maxed out my eight last year and have already ordered three this year (got to pick up #3 from fed-ex tommorrow). Anyhow the recievers and barrels have been great on allexcept one. Two friend of mine have ordered Greek HRA rack grades and have recieved ones that look like they have just sat in an armory, they had almost no wear on any of the metal or finishes. One even had a stock in great shape with the DOD cartouche on it! I haven't personally been that lucky, but you never know.