View Full Version : Matt burkett Class

05-17-2005, 12:03 PM
I just signed up for the one day Matt Burkett beginner class in Richmond on June 19.
I know some of you have taken his classes and I would appreciate your help in getting the most from the class. I have the right attitude, what equipment should I take, how much ammo. etc.

05-17-2005, 8:37 PM
How long have you been shooting USPSA matches? If not for at least a few years, you might get more for your money taking an intro course such as the one offered for $25.00 by TASC at Chabot on the 2nd saturday of the month. Just my $.02

05-18-2005, 1:39 PM

You will learn more from Matt in one Day than if you shot 10 times at either Richmond or Chabot. I have been to a few of his classes and you will not be disappointed!