View Full Version : WTB 2 SKS rifles

05-22-2009, 9:12 PM
Hey everyone

I and a friend are looking to buy an SKS each. If you have two you want to sell, we may be your buyers. Looking for a reasonable price. not collectors, just want a fun range rifle. in So Cal. thanks and stay safe

05-23-2009, 5:08 PM
wow, no one wants to sell an SKS shooter. I thought thousands of them were sold. I remember some guy back in the late 90's walk up to an SKS dealer at a gunshow and buy 10 SKS's because they were so cheap. thanks for looking

05-23-2009, 8:23 PM
Theres a russian one on the Firearms for sale section along with a couple of others BTW get the Paratrooper totally worth it

05-24-2009, 1:49 PM
Thanks, I will take a look.

05-24-2009, 1:53 PM

here is one :D

05-26-2009, 6:48 AM
are you looking for a hundred dollar sks?

05-26-2009, 5:02 PM
are you looking for a hundred dollar sks?
Need a time machine for that.

05-26-2009, 5:16 PM
Mike be patient. Since you want two, be extra patient. Some of the fun is in the hunt, after all.

05-26-2009, 5:19 PM
Need a time machine for that.

damn straight buttercup

05-27-2009, 3:30 AM
I picked one up from Big 5 a few months back. It was a steal at 389.00. 445.00 or so out the door. Couldn't find any less then 500.00 at the shops that actually had them. They started flying off the shelves and the prices went flying too. I almost bought one two years ago for 150.00. Should have, but hind sights 20/20 i guess. LOL...

06-20-2009, 2:22 PM
I'd be willing to part with mine if the price is right, I also have a reasonable amount of ammo to include as a package if you need it. Brass cased, and steel cased.