View Full Version : Saiga Galil handgaurd or UTG quad rail?

r8dr rider
05-22-2009, 9:15 AM
Has anybody has any inexperience with one or both of these handguards? I like the exposed gas tube AK look of the Galil style, and well the quad rail just looks very tacticool. I would love to put AK handguards on but $85 (Dinzag) just for a retainer is crazy. Any input on which handgaurd is better/comfortable?

05-22-2009, 11:00 AM
well if you are going to modify the saiga later on, consider us parts for 922 count. UTG is import.... and for me, I prefer no foregrip rails on the ak's.

Jimmy Deuce
05-22-2009, 1:14 PM
I have had both on a Romy G Ak build. I like both. Here is my take on both of them.

UTG quad rail - Cost is great beats spending high dollars on a utlimak or samson rail Dont get me wrong those high dollar items are great. Quad rail is solid and will hold zero well on your optics. It is robust,durable, and has a cool look. They also come with rail covers and they are comfortable to the touch. I did not due much firing with them on so Im not 100 % sure on how it does with heat. My guess is it will do well as it has alot of ventilation and the rails covers. Down side is wieght it really adds to the rifle that is not super light to begin with. Also if you ever need to take down the gas tube you will need tools to take off the rail that covers the tube.

Galil handguard- Again cost is great even lower cost than a quad rail. You may add rails to this handguard with purchase of a seperate kit. The Galil handguard is very light and add extra room for you hands compared to the standard hand guards. I have one on my AK right now. Done alot of shooting with it. It holds up very well with heat as there is alot of room for air to get to the barrel.I use to have the factory handguards with a heat shield the Galil style guard with no heat shield stays cooler.This handguard is my personal favorite light,versitle,and cheap.

I hope this helped.

05-22-2009, 1:31 PM
I have both types for Saigas. The Galil type is light and easy to install but they do loosen up after a few mags, you'll need to tighten up the allen head screw or it'll rattle a bit. The utg is quad rail is solid but it's heavy. If your going with a full evil build then you can slap all of the lights, handles, and radar dishes you want and they'll stay in place. If your going to convert the Saiga then make sure to use a USA stock and trigger group then the handguard won't matter.