View Full Version : Early Trijicon conventional scope

05-20-2009, 3:17 PM
I originally posted this in the optics section, but there's not a lot of traffic over there.

I recently picked up a Trijicon 4 x 40 conventional scope from their early days, when they were Armson, Inc.

It is probably about 15 years, but is new in the box. It is model BEPW-4401WP, and was sold as "Self Luminous Day/Night Riflescope" The tritium lamps are dead, but you can still see the reticle.

Trijicon said they would relamp it for $25 / lamp, and they thought it had 3 lamps.

I was wondering if their early glass has as good of a reputation as their later products. Is it worth relamping and mounting, or might it be better to sell as a collectors item since it is still new in the box?

The optics look good to me, but I don't have much experience with high end scopes.