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All new in Box
185 Tiburon Water Sport $50
315 Yachatsman $50
Limited edition Pony Make Offer
Deuce Make Offer
301 Limited Edition Make Offer
Lancay M11 w/EOD Pouch-Black $80
Sog Gov Tac -Beadblasted $75

All pricing do not include shipping. I charge actual shipping cost from usps (reciept provided)

All prices are OBO

Pictures Here: http://s404.photobucket.com/albums/pp122/hangtree/Knives/

Looking for .25 or .380 pistol, 460 ammo, 7.62 ammo, saiga magazines

Location: Ventura County

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Shot very little. Box and instructions are included.

The Drozd is made in Russia by IZH-Baikal. It uses a standard 12-gram CO2The scientific notation for carbon dioxide. cartridgeA disposable CO2 container for airguns. Also, a round of firearm ammunition. and six AA batteries. There are three switches to operate the unique select-fireThe ability to fire either semiauto or full-auto. mechanism. The first one turns on the gun. The second one selects the firing mode: semi-autoCocks and reloads for the next shot with each pull of the trigger. Often written as semiauto or semi-auto. (one shot with each pull of the trigger), three-round burst (full-auto) or six-round burst (full-auto). The third switch controls the burst rate: 300 rounds per minute, 450 rounds per minute or 600 rounds per minute.
The gun comes with a detachable shoulder stock (increases length by 5.75"), scope rail, sights, one 30-round magazineA device to hold pellets. There is no spring and the action has to manipulate the magazine. and a BBThe term given to air rifle ammunition. It originally meant a lead shotgun shot in the size BB. When air rifles stopped using that size, the term BB continued in use. Today, it means a steel ball of 0.171 inches to 0.173 inches in diameter. Airsoft balls of 6mm are also called BBs. loader. The magazineA device to hold pellets. There is no spring and the action has to manipulate the magazine. holds the ammoSlang for ammunition: The entire set of materials needed to shoot a given gun. It might be a cartridge (in the case of a firearm) or just a pellet (in the case of an airgun). and the CO2The scientific notation for carbon dioxide. cartridge. This black Russian wonder is great as an all-day plinker. If you'd like to mount a pistol scope or red dot, that's easy enough with the 11mm dovetails.
Located in Ventura County
http://www.airgundepot.com/ for more info

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Exc. Condition. Stored in warm safe. $150 OBO

This gun is the American classic of pellet rifles. American Hardwood stock gives this rifle the heft and balance of a full sized firearm, and the classic lines make any shooter proud to own it. In addition to being good looking, this gun is accurate and powerful. Each pump generates roughly 80 fps, to a maximum of 700 fps. The .20 caliber bore diameter is often overlooked, but plenty of pneumatic connoisseurs will argue that it is the best combination of flat trajectory and energy. Blued barrel.

Location: Ventura County

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OOps. Thanks!

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I'll give you 50 for the sog