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09-09-2005, 12:18 PM
Interesting dicussion on what is going on in NOLA.

http://www.mma.tv/TUF/index.cfm?ac=ListMessages&PID=1&TID=662922&FID=2&pc=44 (http://www.mma.tv/TUF/index.cfm?ac=ListMessages&PID=1&TID=662922&FID=2&p c=44)

Total Gun Confiscation of Law Abiding Citizens Begins Federal forces lead criminal gangs of police is America-killing gun grab

"The balloon has gone up, the shoe has dropped. Anyone doubting the criminal intentions of the social engineer control-freaks in Washington need only look at middle-class neighborhoods being stormed by black-masked wearing jackboots on a mission to steal guns.

This is a precedent setting case for national gun confiscation. This is a clear declaration of war by the Federal Government against the American people. This is exactly how Lexington and Concord started the Revolutionary War in 1775."

– Alex Jones

Infowars.com| September 9, 2005 By Alex Jones

The federal government has been chomping at the bit for decades to disarm the American people, and now an amalgamation of state and local police led by the BATF are having their deepest desire fulfilled in New Orleans.

Major newspapers are reporting that in middle-class neighborhoods undamaged by floodwaters paramilitary police are going door-to-door demanding citizens' firearms.

The New York Times even admitted that this is so that the citizenry cannot resist when they are physically forced to leave their homes.

Most of the residents are contentious nurses and power plant employees who are currently working in key areas of infrastructure. Others refuse to leave because early on they were told they would have to break up their families to do so. Still more refuse to leave and give up beloved family pets.

Hold outs, many of whom have a year's supply of food and water filters, tell the police, "We're the people who stopped the looters when you guys were nowhere to be seen in the first six days."

So the Federal Government does a horrible job delivering food and water to people they told to go to the Superdome, and now, almost two weeks later, they say the city is under their control. Their main mission: going door-to-door and confiscating American citizens' lawfully owned firearms. This is treason. This is sedition against the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and our way of life.

I have been to over 10 urban warfare training drills where the military and the police work together. The national news always reports that it's disaster relief training, when the truth is that they greedily train to subdue peaceful populations, disarm them and break up families.

Remember back in 1993, when Bill Clinton announced weapon sweeps of public housing without warrants. They did it to the disadvantaged then, and most people didn't care. Now, they are doing it to the middle-class in plain view of the world.

They're setting a precedent to take your property, to take your children, to take your guns. The courts have ruled over and over again that the police have no obligation to protect the public. At the same time, police have been trained that there really isn't a Second Amendment and that Americans really don't have a right to protect themselves.

This unfolding gun confiscation tragedy stands as a monument to the true intentions of this parasitic government. It wants you disarmed and under heel. It wants slaves – subjects, not citizens.

The law-abiding gun owning citizens of New Orleans are having their life line severed and the American people are witnessing a giant gun confiscation drill.

There should be a howling, screaming the likes of which has never been heard against the Bush administration that is in control of New Orleans. If we let them legitimize gun confiscation for security, they are going to use this all over the country.

Lord Bush is already licking his lips and talking about making Gonzalez, a person who is adamantly anti-gun, his pick to succeed Rehnquist.

All Americans can now count on this: when you're in trouble or when you're in crisis, the "authorities" aren't going to come with aid. They're going to send a squad of goons to take advantage of the situation, take your guns and drag you off to a FEMA camp. This is what we pay taxes for.

09-19-2005, 11:15 PM
No matter what, NO government official, or paramilitary group will take my gun from me as long as I am breathing.

09-20-2005, 1:13 AM
I personally believe that in a situation like that it is better to live and fight another day. If the political climate in this country changes so much that they are willing (and able) to confiscate our guns, then there SHOUD be ample warning (except in the case of "natural" disasters). In such a case, one should be able to make plans regarding their guns, instead of fighting a losing battle when they come home to house to confiscate weapons. There are those who are willing to fight, but the home is not the best place for it. I am sure that such an even would lead to extreme civil unrest, and possibly even civil war. If they come to take your guns, and you tell them that the were stolen, they would have to violate a certain other amendment to search for them. Either way, I would do whatever it takes to ensure my survival. Then I would see about getting my rights back, because you can't enjoy them when you are dead.

09-20-2005, 6:46 AM
Originally posted by Blacklisted:
Then I would see about getting my rights back, because you can't enjoy them when you are dead.

I completely understand your perspective, and I am feeling like I would go this way too, but somewhere in my mind I am asking myself what would have happened if our original founding fathers took this passive approach as well?

Not saying we should go out there and start a civil war, but we've got to draw the line somewhere, and we've got to stick together else we will certainly hang separately.


09-20-2005, 8:26 AM
it is not happening.

09-20-2005, 1:08 PM
I don't think it's happening now or going to happen anytime soon. But it will some day. Guns are taboo unless they are being mentioned in a news report about a crime or police shooting. They are not talked about in most schools except to say how evil they are. Schools will not even allow gun safety education. Some people say that guns will never be taken because some people hunt. Well, hunting is almost mentioned in (most california) schools, and I can testify to this because I went to several public schools. The only exception to this was to talk about how people don't need to to hunt today because we have plenty of food. I think we should look to the UK for examples. I do not see a total gun confiscation here, but a gradual removal of rights (already happening). Eventually, one will have to be a member of a government regulated "club" to own firearms and/or be a licensed hunter.

09-20-2005, 1:57 PM
When I was in the service, many days I observed
parts of my unit doing practice duty as "crowd
control". These were reg US.Army troops in
frontal formation practicing with clubs in ways
on how to move back crowds. I feel the thread
is more than real. In fact I've been reading
this site, and it has some startling items
in it. Might be true, might not..


We've already witnessed what the Cal Hierarchy
Patrol has done to little ole ladies out of
state, you don't think these "officers" practice
severe "crowd control" as well ?

We're any of you down in LA when the DOJ had
their meeting with the public regarding mods
to the infamous SB23 law ? That place was
swollen with CHP. I know I had at least 3
staring at me all the time I was there.
Seemed to me they were almost drooling for
a chance to confront those who went there
to try and get changes done on Cal's infamous
updated Assault Weapons Ban law of 2000.