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05-18-2009, 7:30 PM
This is the 4.25" Compact Carry Model.

Rails have been polished. Feed ramp has been polished.

I added an extended beaver tail safety, extended thumb safety and extended slide release. All the aftermarket parts are stainless and parkerized, so they show a little wear.

This also has a Houge monogrip and comes with four magazines total, although three are hi-cap "kits". I don't know how to adjust these to be Cali compliant as they were LE mags I used. There is a slight wear mark on the inside of the slide from the thumb break on my duty holster.

I paid $900 for everything. It has chewed up and spit out pretty much everything I've thrown at it, to the tune of about 400 rounds.

I'm moving to something more compact (Glock 30) so I am making room for that by selling this.

I think $700.00 is fair. I am in the Sacramento area and would prefer FTF at my Folsom FFL.

I'll put up better pics but here's a starter:


05-19-2009, 2:01 AM
Free bump for a green gun :thumbsup:

BTW just read your Botach story. I have read many many horror stories on an LE message board before. Wouldn't order from them if it was the last webswite on the internet.

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