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05-18-2009, 5:29 PM

All items are brand new and unused unless noted.

- Stag 2H Upper (complete with BCG, CH, BUIS and box)
- Kaiser Defense Lower
- DPMS Lower Parts Kit
- Magpul MIAD Full Grip Kit
- Magpul CTR Stock (used)
- CMT Buffer Tube (used)
- CMT Buffer and Spring
- Bullet Button Mag-Lock
- one 10rd C-Products Mag (used)
- one 20rd Magpul PMAG Rebuild Kit
- one 30rd Magpul PMAG Rebuild Kit

There are 3 used items, the CTR stock, the buffer tube, and the 10rd mag. The stock and buffer tube show very little to no wear and are "like-new". Also, only the buffer tube is used, the buffer and spring are new. The 10rd mag is well used, but functions fine.

Currently, everything is in parts. The pictures below show the rifle loosely put together. If you purchase the rifle, you can assemble it yourself or I can assemble it for you.

Assembling the rifle is very easily done and something everyone should know how to do. You'll have a better understanding of how things work by assembling it yourself.

I'm asking for $1275 for the entire package.

I'm located in Redwood City and prefer to meet locally. I will not be shipping this.
The lower must be transferred at an FFL, but the rest of the items you can take home with you the same day.

I also prefer to sell this as a set, but I will sell the upper alone for $700.

Possible trades:
VLTOR VIS-2 or VIS-2A (I would prefer the 2A)
Possibly a Springfield Socom 16, but it would have to be priced fairly well



05-18-2009, 6:41 PM
Man I wish I had my mini 14 sold by now. I would buy this asap.

05-18-2009, 7:22 PM
can i check it out tomorrow..