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For Sale - Los Angeles area - South Bay

Winchester Model 1907

semi automatic - caliber .351 SL - takedown

Manufactured in 1911





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Have any magazines or brass you want to sell?

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Info on the 1907 lifted from the internet:

Where the 1907 really found its niche was not in the hunting community, not in the military community but in the police and law enforcement community. At least twenty of the holes in the infamous Bonnie and Clyde death car were put in there by 351s. Bonnie and Clyde, Dillinger and several other well known individuals were partially if not wholly ventilated with 351 Winchesters. It was probably popular with both sides of the law.

Melvin Purvis' posse, the ones that shot him down, and several of the people who were after Dillinger, etc., were armed with these. They hit hard, they shot fairly flat up to 100 yards and they shot fast. They handle a lot better than the BAR and they had a lot better long range trojectory than a Thompson.

The prison guards loved these things. They were sold at prisons all over the country. Davis has seen these marked with prison branded into the stock, such as the Illinois Dept. of Correction and one from Minnesota. They were popular with officers because they gave them something with a little more reach in the trunk of their squad cars.

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2 boxes of ammo available, 50 rounds / box

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top floor, please

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Drifter Mike
06-07-2009, 8:17 PM
Any cracks or splits in the wood? Does it come with ammo and maybe dies?