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Corbin Dallas
05-18-2009, 5:32 AM
Consolidated in this thread:


05-18-2009, 5:39 AM
Let me know if you become interested in a nice Lancaster AK. In san diego.

Corbin Dallas
05-18-2009, 7:21 AM
Cleaning out the safe time. Decided to buy a house and need to raise capitol.

First up, Springfield Loaded, blued. (Original finish = parkerized. Previous owner had the weapon finish blued)

Round count - Unknown. I personally have put 300 rounds through this weapon.

Comes with:
Full length guide rod
Nightsights (factory)
4 magazines (2 wilson, 1 colt, 1 original SA)
Blackhawk paddle/belt serpa holster in carbon finish
Tucker IWB
Safariland dual mag belt hoster with snaps
Original case, cleaning rod, allen wrench, backstrap lock and paperwork

Shoots like a dream!! See pictures for detail


Corbin Dallas
05-18-2009, 7:28 AM
Consolidated threads, see 1st post.

Corbin Dallas
05-18-2009, 7:38 AM
Placeholder for Steyr pics.

05-18-2009, 8:08 AM
bump for a nice and rare gun...1 week late for me though...I just bought one =)

05-18-2009, 8:18 AM
round count on the 1911? has it been refinished?

05-18-2009, 8:29 AM
Wow, nice 1911, especially for the price...

Blued > Parkerized, plus comes with 2 nice holsters

bump for a good deal

Corbin Dallas
05-19-2009, 8:34 PM
24+ hr bump

Corbin Dallas
05-19-2009, 8:38 PM
24hr + bump.


05-20-2009, 5:46 AM
courtesy bump for some nice weapons and a good reason to sell 'em.

05-20-2009, 6:11 AM
I cant help myself the 1911 is sold as I just happen to sell my mini 14 yesterday , corbin I 'm in north county . Let get it done.
Pm to you in about an hour after 8

Thank you

05-20-2009, 7:41 AM
Bump for an awesome pistol.

05-20-2009, 1:31 PM
If you can't get any of those trades and want an AR15 PM me.

05-20-2009, 4:30 PM
Bump for calling Pat !
1911 is official , It sold!
I can't wait to shoot it on your Hill !

Corbin Dallas
05-21-2009, 5:16 AM

05-21-2009, 5:22 AM

Next in line if it doesnt go through cash in hand... Thanks

Corbin Dallas
05-21-2009, 1:07 PM
Thanks for the offer, but I have enough 5.56 to last me a while.

I'm really looking for a 7.62x51 / 308 rifle to add to the collection.

05-21-2009, 1:18 PM
I have never see one of these for sale.

05-21-2009, 4:45 PM
What's the difference between this and the standard 5-7? What does IOM stand for?

new cal shooter
05-21-2009, 4:51 PM

This is what I found

Five-Seven IOM

The IOM model (for Individual Officer's Model) was the first publicly available variant, debuting commercially in 2004. The IOM is similar in its basic design to the original versions, but differs in that it has a different accessory rail, lined trigger guard outside edge, and adjustable sights. It also incorporates a magazine disconnect—this safety mechanism prevents the weapon from being fired without the magazine inserted.

[edit] Five-Seven USG

The most recent version of the Five-Seven, the USG. (United States Government) variant debuted in 2005 and replaced the IOM. The USG keeps the differences incorporated in the IOM, such as the magazine disconnect and adjustable sights, but has further modifications, including a conventionally-shaped (square) trigger guard, checkered grip pattern, and a larger, reversible magazine release.

Corbin Dallas
05-24-2009, 1:34 PM
Weekend bump

Corbin Dallas
05-24-2009, 4:09 PM

06-01-2009, 9:54 PM
Bump for you
Good luck on House