View Full Version : PAR1 Pump action AK

05-17-2009, 6:40 PM
Bought this thing last year with the intention of converting it to a semi. Other projects got in the way, and I have no need for it.

About 60 rounds through it. I have no idea where the cleaning rod is, since it doesn't connect to the rifle, and I use a regular cleaning kit.

Comes with one ten round magazine.

Picture here:


Obviously it's the one on the bottom.

Asking $250. No shipping at this time, prefer to transfer in or around Modesto area.

05-17-2009, 6:42 PM
If you change your mind about shipping or, if your heading south anytime soon, I'll take it!!!!!!!!!!!

05-17-2009, 6:53 PM
I'll take it if you can make it to the east bay to do the transfer

05-17-2009, 6:54 PM
2nd in line if you can make it to the east bay

05-17-2009, 6:58 PM
Since it seems to be sold; twice
there is also one of these at annies in corona for the same price I believe

05-17-2009, 7:15 PM
scotthmt, can we meet halfway between here and the east bay? If so, it's yours.

05-18-2009, 12:25 AM
spf to me

05-18-2009, 5:54 AM
Nice score at a nice price

05-18-2009, 6:59 AM
dang. How did I miss this? I would've driven to modesto. Oh well. Nice grab

05-18-2009, 7:04 AM
Put me next in line. I can meet in modesto no problem. Sierra arms or Ronning.