View Full Version : SOLD: S&W 3953 DAO Single Stack 9mm - PRICE DROP!!!

05-16-2009, 12:51 PM
Smith & Wesson 3953 DAO Single Stack 9mm
NRA Excellent - VG+ condition.

Stainless slide, alloy frame.
VERY slim, light and concealable.
Perfect for plain clothes carry.
Trigger is double action only, but with a relatively light and short pull.
The hammer is partially preset/precocked for each shot. No double strike capability like a true DA.
Magazine disconnect (like most mass-produced 2nd and 3rd Gen S&W autos)
No longer manufactured by S&W, and not on the roster.

Purchased recently on consignment. I put 100 rounds of 115 gr. WWB and 100 rounds of 147 gr. Remington Golden Sabers through it without a single malfunction. Includes Wolff Hammer Spring Pack (17, 18, and 19 lb hammer springs). 17 lb. Wolff hammer spring is currently installed. Original hammer spring included.

Includes soft case, and 2 flush, metal base pad, 7 rd. factory magazines. Factory 8 rd. magazines w/ flat or finger rest plastic base pads are available for this gun; I just don't have any.



FTF in Costa Mesa or vicinity. $400 - SOLD

Alvin Tostig
05-16-2009, 1:09 PM
I fired this gun; it's a very nice piece. 8200's a good guy. Deal with confidence!

05-22-2009, 6:57 PM

05-22-2009, 8:47 PM
I'll take it if still available. :chris:

check PM.

05-28-2009, 9:04 AM
Still available? Let me know how to contact you offline


LA Gun
05-28-2009, 9:38 AM
Great guns. Sorry I missed this. You go away for a few days and........