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05-12-2009, 3:05 PM
I am building a small collection of handguns. One of the advantages to buying all from the same manufacturer, same style (different calibers), is that no matter which one you shoot, they basically "feel" and operate the same.

The big disadvantages is the old "putting all of you eggs in one basket" and all that goes with that.

Do you purposefully mix your:

1. Brands of guns?
2. Caliber of guns?
3. Style of guns (ie: 1911 vs not)
4. Models or series within the same brand?
5. Construction (metal vs. composites)?

What are your thoughts?

05-12-2009, 3:10 PM
My "mix" is mostly Glock! :D I rarely shoot non-Glocks, even though I have two or three "other" brands.

Calibers: .45 GAP, .45 ACP, 9mm.

Models: see signature line.

Super Spy
05-12-2009, 3:16 PM
I'm new to the gun collecting, though been around guns all my life. I own a Glock 30SF, and the next thing I'm thinking of is some kind of 1911, then maybe a Steyr bullpup in 45 if I can figure out calegalizing it. I like having a mix of guns, but keeping them on the same diet as much as possible. Obviously rifles are a different story.

05-12-2009, 3:27 PM
I am just starting my hadgun collection, and I am taking all of your points into consideration. I started with an inexpensive but reliable Smith & Wesson Sigma in .40S&W. I think my next handgun will be another pistol in .40S&W, but one with a full size metal frame and a thumb safety. Ideally I would want two pistols in .22LR, two pistols in 9mm, two pistols in .40S&W, and two pistols in .45ACP. Since this is realistically not going to happen I am going to start with the two .40S&W pistols. If I ever complete my collection it would include a wide variety, but I would want all of these types included:

- 1911 (Kimber, etc...)
- Beretta (92FS, M9), etc....
- Polymer Pistol (Glock, Sigma, M&P, XD, etc....)
- CZ (75B, SP-01, etc...)
- Sub-Compact Pistol (G26/27, XD Sub-Compact, etc...)
- .44 Magnum Revolver (S&W Model 626, etc...)
- Sig Sauer (P220, 226, 229,etc....)
- Heckler & Koch (USP,etc...)

05-12-2009, 3:45 PM
Oh yeah, mix and more mix.
S&W 629 44 mag.
S&W 686+ 357
FNP 9mm
PA-63 9X18
CZ-52 7.62X25
Nagant 7.62X38
Rock Island Compact .45
Beretta Stampede .45LC (real nice gun)
Springfield Loaded .45
Hawes 22lr
Accu-tec 380 ll

05-12-2009, 4:05 PM
My purchases are usually based on trigger, accuracy, reputation, aesthetics, price. The order of which varies, depending on the $$$ I have available at that time or what deal comes my way.

Also every now and then, I get a bug to poses and learn a completely new hand gun action type, this drives me nuts, because when this happens none of my current guns seem satisfying.

05-12-2009, 4:11 PM
I standardized on 9mm and bought "best of breed" for each purpose I had in mind. That's a S&W CS9 for a backup gun, a Glock 19C for tactical/home defense, and later, probably a custom-built 9mm for competition purposes.

05-12-2009, 4:46 PM
I just have a NAA Companion with buckle, soon to be adding the 22lr version.
Sig P220 stainless
Desert Eagle 44 stainless
and in the bargaining process for a CZ 99

I've had a few revolvers, but seem to like autos made of real metal.

Many of my handguns have been something you don't see everyday, and I have always been more of a rifle nut anyway. I've never been a fan of plastic guns, yet I may give them another shot at some point.

05-12-2009, 4:56 PM
Variety is good and take advantage of it while you still can. It's nice to have all sorts of caliber just for learning and the sake of collecting purpose. 22lrs in revolvers and autos, 25acp, 380acp, 9mm, 38 spl, 38 Super, 357 Mag, 357 Sig, 40S&W, 10mm, 45ACP, 44 magnum and 454 Casull. I've never got around to getting a 41 mag or 50 AE, but that may change in the future.

For home defense I tend to keep to one caliber or two and if possible the mags will interchange.

05-12-2009, 5:31 PM
I like most kinds of handguns, and my mix runs like this:

60% semiauto, 40% revolver

Revolvers are heavy on Smith & Wesson prelock snubbies

Semiautos heavy on Colt 1911s, but include 3 Sigs, 2 H&Ks, 2 Glocks, and one each Walther, Browning, S&W, etc.

9 different calibers from .22 to .44 magnum.

05-12-2009, 6:30 PM
I standardized on 9mm and bought "best of breed" for each purpose I had in mind. That's a S&W CS9 for a backup gun, a Glock 19C for tactical/home defense, and later, probably a custom-built 9mm for competition purposes.

A 19C for home defense? That's all well and good until you actually have to use it. Then all you're going to be able to see is the "V" burned into your retina by the flames coming out of the ported barrel! haha :eek:

05-12-2009, 7:03 PM
I have a G19 as my go to home gun. It's my only glock at the moment although I hope to get a G34 in the future. All my other pistols are Sigs - P6, P226, P220 and P220 combat. I really prefer my pistols to be simple with no manual safeties and easy to break down/clean.

05-12-2009, 7:09 PM
I have an odd mix caliber wise and manufacturers. I have mainly owend hand guns but am getting into the rifle side of things and about to head down the BRD trail.

here is what i have and or had.

Jericho 941 Kit 9mm/41 AE (sold to a friend so i get to visit on occasion)
Beretta .25 cal ( was the wife's gun)
Springfield Armory Operator MC .45 ACP
Sig p226 Blackwatter (still in lock up)
Ruger 10/22 (also still in lockup)

05-12-2009, 7:11 PM
I've bought more 1911s than anything else. I'm not really interested in any other pistol design. I'd probably buy something with a huge capacity just for fun if I didn't live in California however.

05-12-2009, 7:14 PM
I've always been a revolver fan. Carried one throughout my 33-year LE career. However, when I got out of the Army, I started collecting military Colt 1911's/1911A1's. Then I began collecting Colt New Services. I'd say 75% revolver - 25% semiauto. Calibers? All over the map!

05-12-2009, 7:24 PM
I have.. A Glock 19, Kimber Stainless II, and a Ruger Pre-Mark 1.
Sig P226/229 .40/.357, Beretta 92FS, Glock 20,29,31,21,17, H&K USP .40/.45, Nagant Revolver, Makarov, Tokerov, GI Issue 1911, Ruger GP100, Ruger P95, Walther PPK, Ruger SP101 in .327 Fed Mag, Hi-Point .380 (don't ask). Just to start...

My collection of handguns will require an entire safe to hold..

05-12-2009, 7:30 PM
My mix is pretty standard
Sig P232sl .380
Sig P226 Blackwater 9mm
Sig P220 Combat
Kimber Custom TLE2
I prefer the P220 Combat for home defence, never had a Misfire FTE or FTF...I would stake my life on it...cant say the same for the Kimber (but it sure is a pretty gun)

05-12-2009, 8:33 PM
I like the idea of being proficient in a wide range of guns.....but have not a single polymer one.

gucci pilot
05-12-2009, 8:41 PM
I'm down with the mix. But l have been more focused on ammo availability. I like to have a couple of options when I carry. So, I have a 40, 9, and a 38 special for now. The models aren't as important to me as long as they work for my personal needs.

05-12-2009, 9:43 PM
I just buy what I want:

- Sig P229R with barrels for .40 and .357Sig
- Kahr PM9
- Browning Buckmark .22lr
- Desert Eagle with .44 and .50AE barrels
- Beretta 391 Urika 2 12ga
- Noveske N4 AR-15 style rifle

My Sig is my go to workhorse gun, it doesn't fail. The PM9 is my "wish I could carry gun". The rest are entertainment.

Also, I don't buy guns I will one day not want and I don't sell guns I have.

05-12-2009, 9:45 PM
A 19C for home defense? That's all well and good until you actually have to use it. Then all you're going to be able to see is the "V" burned into your retina by the flames coming out of the ported barrel! haha :eek:

Forgot to mention that I have a standard, non-ported barrel on order for the home defense purpose.

05-12-2009, 9:47 PM
I like the idea of being proficient in a wide range of guns.....but have not a single polymer one.

You might like 'em. I used to be a steel-frame snob, then I saw the benefits of the aluminum frames. And then I was a metal-frame snob, and I saw the benefits of the polymer frames.

05-13-2009, 4:05 AM
1 HK ==> .40 SW
1 FN ==> 5.7x28mm
1 S&W => .45 ACP

nxt up, something in 9mm, probably G19 or G23 with conversion barrel?


05-13-2009, 4:44 AM
I have two handguns.


Fusion 4.25 slide on my Kimber Pro Carry 10mm frame (I built it)

Looking for a .45 to round it out. Probably a 1911 type of some sort. Somewhere between GI and a few extras. Probably beavertail, solid long square trigger, clean slide, blued.

05-13-2009, 7:45 AM
I believe in variety. Shop around, keep an eye out, and when something comes up that's a good deal and interesting or fills a niche, jump on it!

S&W, Springfield, Taurus, High Standard, Sig, Walther, Ruger, CMMG, Remington, plastic, steel, zinc, SA, DA, revolvers, semis, pumps, big mothers, tiny BUGs, you name it.

Variety is the spice of life!

05-13-2009, 7:50 AM
I say have a mix.

05-13-2009, 8:36 AM
Yep, VARIETY is the spice of life :D

05-13-2009, 10:25 AM
I have a variety of handguns (Brownings, Colts, Glocks, Sigs, S&Ws), but they're all in the common calibers (.22, .38, 9mm, .40, .45) since I don't reload. Once I get into reloading, I think I'd like to get some guns in more uncommon calibers like .38 super, 10mm, .460 S&W Magnum. :thumbsup:

05-13-2009, 10:29 AM

05-13-2009, 10:42 AM
I've been gathering my guns so that they cover different purposes:

1. A .22 pistol. Great practice gun that I can shoot lots of rounds through for cheap.
2. Full-size .357 mag. for target shooting/self-defense.
3. .38 Spl snubbie for concealed carry.
4. Hunting rifle with scope.
5. SKS for SHTF.

On top of purpose, all of the above were bought because they were fun to shoot. I also have a Mosin M44 that doesn't really fit a niche because I'm interested in C&R. Next purchase on the radar is a .22 rifle which I'll be buying for the same reasons I own the .22 pistol. I'm also getting the itch for a shotgun.

05-13-2009, 11:11 AM
My mix is completely random. I buy whatever appeals to me at the time, and ends up with a collection that represents no particular philosophy. I have mostly 9mm and a few 45ACP. 357 in wheel guns.

Had a .44 DE for a while, but after the ego/macho gratification wore off, I sold it for a nice profit. Thought about 40 S&W and 357 sig, but doesn't really make sense to have too many calibers.

Oh, of course I have a few .22 for cheap plinking/practice. It's a requirement in my opinion.

05-13-2009, 12:23 PM
I buy what appeals to me without fear of discrimination based on caliber, color, or national origin

SSM .32 HR
Blackhawk .44, .45
Old Army .44

Series 80 .45 + .38
1991 .45
Official Police .32-20
Official Police .38
Officer's Model HB .38
Woodsman .22
New Service .45 Colt

top break .38SW
1917 .45
M28 .357
M25 .45 Colt
1006 10mm

Browning HP 9mm + 22
Norinco T54 7.62x25
Norinco 1911A1 .45 + .22
Beretta 92FS 9mm + .22
Cimmeron SAA .45 Colt

Mauser 'luger' 9mm
Mauser HSc .380

Webley Mk4 .38 (2)

05-13-2009, 1:44 PM
I love handguns and I love variety. So right now I'm collecting as close to "one of each" type as possible. I have a Colt SAA replica in 45 colt, and a modern Redhawk 44mg for my revolvers. And for semis I started with a glock 45, then added a Kimber 1911, a Beretta 92fs, and a CZ 2075 and Colt Pocketlite for concealed carry. I also enjoy custom/exotic type stuff so I sometimes run a 460 Rowland kit on my Kimber, and a Lone Wolf 10mm upper on my Glock. And I love adding grips etc to my guns also, just to personalize them.

06-03-2009, 11:05 PM
I buy based on availability of ammo. I try to stick to standard and common sizes. 9mm 40 45 mainly. I have stayed away from wheel guns because of the price of the rounds. although I do like them. After considering ammo, I consider reliability, then price. Sadly as of late, the likelyness of it being banned in the future has been playing a roll in my recent purchases. Also remember, you are never "done" :)

06-03-2009, 11:39 PM
Living in the country, coming from a long gun background, I went for the full-spectrum of rimfire & common rifle calibers first. And I figure caliber to caliber, brand to brand, no two handguns are going to feel the same regardless of the ergos, I'm just working on the handguns one by one.. .22lr, 9mm, .40s&w. Kicking my self for passing on a 1911 in .38 super for a song, holding out for one in .45acp as the next semiauto. A .357mag and .44mag on the horizon for revolvers.
I'd say 'covering all the bases' is my hopeful collecting goal. However, for everyday plinking/pest control you can't beat the rimfires, and my M&P .40 is the go-to on the nightstand.

06-04-2009, 12:12 AM
I buy whatever catches my attention, feels right, is from a reliable/reputable manufacturer, and can get my wife's approval for (which is getting harder). Mostly it's Springfields. I would buy from HK, Beretta, and others given the opportunity and $$$; I do not have a set style, company, or caliber. For a long time I had no interest in a 1911, but my new boss (at the time) was a fan of them so I started researching. You can guess what happened from there...now I believe every collection should have one.

06-04-2009, 4:01 AM
My rule has generally been I'll give priority to a handgun that is in a specific caliber that I currently do not own. For example, if I do not have a pistol in .40 I'll choose it over getting another in a same caliber I own.

I have made exceptions to this, mostly with 9mm or .45 ACP, but I do try to avoid it since I'm trying to avoid getting things that will sit due to lack of use.

B Strong
06-04-2009, 5:19 AM
I have working pieces, and pieces that I collect.

There is some overlap, I have certain 1911 types that are safe queens, and some S. & W. wheelguns that are shooters, but for the most part my collecting and my users are two different things.

06-04-2009, 5:34 AM
I'm fairly new to this expensive hobby.


Top to bottem: Norinco Tokarev T-54 in 7.62x25 and I also have the .38 super conversion, Sig P229R in .40 and I also have the .357 and 9mm barstow barrel conversion, Glock 21SF(Thinking of getting the .50 GI conversion)

I like different guns in different calibers :D

06-04-2009, 5:35 AM
Walther P22 in .22
Colt Police Special in .38
S&W in .357
Beretta in .40
Springfield XD in .45
Sig P226 x2 in 9mm

06-04-2009, 6:27 AM
I like a wide variety. I am also a new gun collector and possess a 1911 in .45 acp, walther p22, and xd 9mm. I think a .22 lr is needed for cheap plinking and target practice. Also looking to add revolvers and semi pistols in .40 s&w, and 1911 38 super. maybe 25 and 32 for the wife.

06-04-2009, 6:42 AM
I have a pretty good mix of sizes, actions, calibers, etc. Over the years, I've pretty much settled on the following calibers:

44 Mag
45 ACP
40 S&W
357 Magnum
38 Special
9mm Luger
380 Auto
25 Auto
22 Mag
22 LR

I've recently liquidated all my 380 Autos as I rarely shoot those guns and prefer to carry more powerful calibers. Actually, I've trimmed my inventory quite a bit over the years. Most of my handguns are semis as I prefer to shoot them more than my revolvers. My interests currently are towards more 45 ACP pistols.

Most of my handguns are chambered for 45 Auto (8) because I favor that cartridge for most of my shooting activities which include matches, casual target practice and personal defense. I have an equal number of 9mm (8) but don't shoot them as much. I also have 4- 40S&W, 8- 22LR (2 revolvers, 6- semis), 3- 44 Mag (2- revolvers, 1- semi), 2- 357's (revolvers), 3- 38's (2- revolvers, 1- derringer), 1-22 Mag.(semi) and 1- 25 Auto.


06-04-2009, 7:28 AM
I buy what interests me and don't have a set rule. I mainly stick with either 9mm or .45ACP. That being said, I also have a .44 629 Mountain Gun, .38 642, .32 Beretta Tomcat, and a Makarov. Those were really impulse purchases which I don't shoot regularly. The guns that get the majority of range time are a Colt 1911, S&W 625, and 9mm Beretta 92 Elite. The remainder I bought because I do like shooting them, but the ones listed have become my favorites to shoot. One gun I still want to add is a good 22, most likely a 617.

06-04-2009, 9:06 AM
I have a lot of different makes and models, more steel than plastic more blue than SS. It's just what I like at the time and once I've got one it not ever sold.

06-04-2009, 9:14 AM
Do you purposefully mix your:

1. Brands of guns? Nope
2. Caliber of guns? Nope
3. Style of guns (ie: 1911 vs not) Semi-autos.
4. Models or series within the same brand? Same brand, different models
5. Construction (metal vs. composites)? Plastic.

What are your thoughts?

I keep it simple. One caliber, one brand and different models.