View Full Version : Opinion on Kel Tec brand?

Lucky Scott
05-12-2009, 10:44 AM
Looking at a P-11 9mm semi auto. Its nice and small and priced right.
Any body got any opinions on this gun?

05-12-2009, 11:38 AM
Buy it if the price is right. The P-11 has a heavy and long double action trigger pull, but it's reliable, small, and light. The recoil feels a bit more than a full size handgun because of the small grip, but that's to be expected. Have you shot a P-11 before?

Lucky Scott
05-12-2009, 12:31 PM
No, have not shot it yet. I have a friend that has one and he is going to let me try it out at the range. He likes it, and I was looking for input from others. I expect a little kick since its so small.

It's a nice small 9 mm. Easy to conceal, and I have ammo for it already.

I was gonna get a little .38 snub nose as a backup gun, but I have had trouble finding ammo for the .38. I already got a bunch of 9 since thats what I shoot at the range.

spyderco monkey
05-12-2009, 2:00 PM
I have one with a pair of night sites and a pocket clip for IWB, as well as a trigger shoe (must have!) to make the pull smoother. Its a cool, well thought out, easy to conceal 9mm handgun that is lighter, slimmer, and smaller than a glock 26.

That being said, the trigger, even after polishing the linkage arm and getting the trigger shoe, is lame. Its a great trigger for CCW, since no holster is required to carry it as any chance of an AD is removed due to the long, heavy pull. Its also cool b/c if the round fails to go off the first time, you can click the trigger again and it will go off. I've had this happen when shooting my glock at the range several times, so that is a useful feature, especially if the ammo supply becomes questionable.

BUT, when actually shooting for fun, or attempting to make a precise shot, the trigger sucks. I dry fire the thing 50+ times a day for the last month since I've had it, and I'm still not used to it. At 7 yards w/ a two handed grip, I placed 80% of the shots in the 8 zone or better my first time taking it to the range; I can usually have all shots touching in the 10 with a fullsize glock.

All in all, it is well worth the $350 I paid for mine, and I think it is a superb CCW gun, easily a match for any potential mugger. However, if I was confronted by an active shooter or other high level threat, I would be feeling pretty silly for not bringing my glock instead.