View Full Version : Yugo M70B Flats?

05-12-2009, 7:50 AM
Can I but "Flats" for my Yugo Ak kit? If so which ones are they from AkBuilders? thanks all,


05-12-2009, 12:46 PM
So only a NDS-5 will work, :( damn

05-12-2009, 3:35 PM
How much are these kits going for now anyways? I think I paid to much haha, :(

05-12-2009, 3:39 PM
The Yugo buldged flats on the market are by Tapco and they are way off on the FCG holes as well as the rear part of the upper rails, they can be made to work with a TIG welder and a big hammer but it's not worth it (been there, done that). Get an NDS and be happy, but if you really want to build a parperless Yugo you can find success with a Cold Steel Solutions blank, mine turned out nice, but be prepared to wait a month and a half or two for them to ship.
Get an NDS

05-12-2009, 4:01 PM
I like paperless, how much for the cold stell solutions blank