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05-11-2009, 11:31 PM
Anyone here own one? For some reason I've come to the conclusion I need one. Many males I have known who have severe cases of testosterone poisoning refuse to own one though!

One guy I met at range agreed with me, hey, we love the ladies we both said,lol.

I'd like the ladysmith version of the 3913 instead of my standard version. The grips look nicer and the frame is slightly different angle cut profile I like. I think the stainless finish is slightly different as well, more frosted.

I recently also saw a Colt Special Lady based on the Cold Detective Special I believe. If I had a "special lady" in my life right now I'd of so tried to buy it for her, neat gun.

05-12-2009, 12:08 AM
I have a Model 65LS. Stainless steel 3" K-frame .357. if my lady takes a liking to it it is all hers, otherwise I think it is a great midsize magnum.

movie zombie
05-12-2009, 10:21 AM
one woman's opinion: my smith model 60 is not a ladysmith.....its easy enough to change grips on it to look like one. i like the feel of my not a lady model 60 better than i did the lady.

however, i would not turn down any form of the 3913.....and do think she looks a tad better.


05-12-2009, 10:32 AM
They are very nice handguns. The smaller grips on the revolver make it more concealable if you are going to carry.

Surprised S&W still uses the term. Maybe they should come out with a GentlemanSmith just to be fair.

05-12-2009, 10:36 AM
I have the NL version of the 3913 (Non Ladysmith). Exactly the same as a Ladysmith, down to the frame cuts, grips, but doesn't have "Ladysmith" slathered over the slide.

As I've never shot a regular framed 3913, I cannot compare. But I can say it's a very nice shooting compact 9mm.

I do think the grey grips look lame though. Seriously thinking of finding factory black, or just put hogue grips on it.

One thing I do not like about the pistol (and smith autos in general) is the mag disconnect. I suppose I can take it out, but I don't shoot it enough to make it worth my time.

Nice write-up http://www.thegunzone.com/3913nl.html

05-12-2009, 1:52 PM
It's not frosted...it's pink :P

My wife had one. 3913 Ladysmith. Loved it when she bought it, but hated shooting it. She could never get accurate enough with it to be comfortable and we finally sent it back to SW for a look.
They said it was fine and I suppose that it actually did function within it's service and design limits.
That being said, it sucked azz so we sold it and went with a CZ 75 compact.
3 of them actually :thumbsup:

05-12-2009, 11:44 PM
I shot the S&W Ladysmith revolver. The wooden grips made it look special. Felt fine in my hands and shooting it was surprisingly fun.

05-13-2009, 8:19 AM
You guys talking about me behind my back? :-D
Strangely enough, I don't own a Ladysmith. I've got to do something about that. I do have a 686, 386 AirLite and a 500 (woo-hoo!).

05-13-2009, 8:30 AM
I would shoot a pink and purple ladysmith for all I care.

05-13-2009, 3:15 PM
I have a Model 65LS. Stainless steel 3" K-frame .357. if my lady takes a liking to it it is all hers, otherwise I think it is a great midsize magnum.

I have seen on other forums, male members liking the underlug of the LS version of 3" mod 65 over standard version so they had the Ladysmith marking buffed out!

Small chance but I may be acquiring a 3" standard mod 65-5 for free or cheap soon :)

I may actually seek out a set of those grey Ladysmith grips for my standard 3913. And I do remember the NL version of the 3913 as well.

Anyone ever hear that story how that tiny m frame .22lr revolver S&W made in the old days used to be favored by "ladies of the evening", lol!

05-14-2009, 3:09 PM
I shot the S&W Ladysmith revolver. The wooden grips made it look special. Felt fine in my hands and shooting it was surprisingly fun.

Same here. :thumbsup:

05-14-2009, 9:48 PM
I have a 3913 and a 3914.

I purchased a extra 3913 Ladysmith Slide/Barrel Factory Parts
Assembly and mounted the labeled Ladysmith slide/barrel
on my 3913 and took it to the Gunroom a few weeks ago to
function test.

My first round fired was in the bullseye next to the 'X-ring'.
The remaining 7 round fired were in the 'X' ring and 9-ring.

I have a low round count on my original barrel & slide.
But the Nightsights are dim.

I'm planning to send out for a recharge on the nightsights.
That's the reason why I bought a extra Slide/Barrel Assembly.
Just in case the original slide is lost in shipping.
I wanted a backup replacement slide.


My S&W 3914 & 3913.

DLC’s 3913 with Ladysmith Slide Assembly firing Xtreme 9mm 124 gr.



05-15-2009, 9:43 PM
They look very nice, but I have a few questions. I like subcompacts, but prefer DA/SA and an external safety that's not 1911-style. Not pulling the trigger to remove the slide would be a bonus, but not necessary. Does this gun have these characteristics?

How are the dimensions (width, height) compared to a Kahr PM9 or P9 or a Baby Glock? The S&W site doesn't have any information, just overall length 6 3/4", and the roster says it has a 3.5" barrel.

Are the 3913 and the 908 the same except for the price?

Is there an external safety? Is it 1911 style or does the safety also decock it? The S&W site says N/A.

The 3913 is DA/SA, correct? Does it have second strike capability if you get a light primer strike?

Do you have to pull the trigger to remove the slide?

Thank you for the reviews.

05-15-2009, 11:53 PM
Here is a link on GlockTalk with reviews from 3913/3914 owners
that may answer some of your questions.

If you post on the S&W Forum in Semi-Autos,
you should receive more detailed responses to your questions.

You can do the research.

I'll just enjoy my 3rd Gen Smiths.

05-17-2009, 1:08 AM
Thank you very much for the link. I saw a LadySmith in Vacaville. It's about the size and weight of a Kahr K9, so most people should be able to get all 3 fingers on the grip. The hammer cannot be cocked for the first strike because of its shape, but also won't snag on anything in a purse or pocket. I was surprised that the slide stop and safety stick so far out.

I believe the S&W CS9 Chief's Special on the 2nd page of that link is more what I'm looking for. Smaller and 1 fewer round but mostly the same except for the rounded hump in the rear of the grip.

05-17-2009, 12:17 PM
Some additional pics of my 3913* & 3914.
* Especially for Mz


DLC’s S&W 3913.

My S&W 3914 & 3913.


movie zombie
05-17-2009, 8:43 PM
what a day: 586L posts 3913/3914 teasers......and someone is selling a 3913L down south.........all out of my reach!

thanks for the pictures!


Cool Gun Wife
05-22-2009, 7:42 PM
I don't have a LadySmith, but last year I got an M & P 9mm with adjustable grip. I love it! It never jams, or has failure to feed problems. I have the medium grip which fits my had very well. The recoil is not as bad as my husband's .45 version of the same gun. S & W did a good job on the design.

Pink guns and grips are fine, but if a bad guy sees something black pointed at him and a woman's finger on the trigger, he won't like it or mistake if for a toy.

10-03-2012, 9:50 AM
Thought I'd revive this thread, because it's so interesting.