05-11-2009, 8:47 PM
Heard people say " You can never have enough Sigs?" Well, let me tell you, yes you can, or at least I do already. So what does this mean to you?Sit your A** down, lock-up and continue to read with undivided attention.
This is your opportunity to avail of owning a combat proven tactical handgun which also happens to be a work of art. Yes, you read right, Combat, Proven and tactical used in one sentence to describe the SIG P220. Combat because we all know of Military and Federal agencies who employ them in service. Proven because a lot of them still continue to keep them in their inventory and utilize them, tactical because it is part of their tactic to have a dependable firearm which gives them assurance and confidence and provides the opposing party a perfect opportunity to offer his life for the cause of justice and freedom.

For your consideration is a West German SIG P220. Yes it has the coveted Made in West Germany stamp. Like the quality of German made handguns?, how about owning a piece with historical value. Well there is no more West Germany, just Germany. I got this for a trade deal with one of my CZ's from an Army captain. As a Captain, I expected him to have maintained his piece in a combat ready condition and he did and it passed my scrutinizing inspection and range requirement for accuracy. So you're not getting a beat-up, scratched up, banged-up version that nobody wants unless you want me to bang, scratch and abuse this for a more weathered look worthy of your past anti-terror conquest.

So what are we talking about here? Considering I have not heard a sound Sig owner who regretted owning a 220 or a department feeling remorse for having them in their tactical armory or a SEAL operator badmouthing a SIg. Well, I won't ask you to sacrifice your first born as an offering or trade any of your body parts or organs as some have offered for a Sig before. No, you don't have to miss this month's mortgage either or ending up prostituting yourself.

$600 would be justifiable.

But wait, before you start opening your tactical operating squawk box, the package is not complete yet. It will be against any sound tactical planning not to complete your defensive and offensive package. It will come with 4 7rd blued factory magazine, 1 8rd stainless factory magazine, and a well functioning 10rd stainless promag magazine good for the intimidation factor and doubles as a hand to hand weapon if needed. With all these magazines, you have more magazines than a dental office. And if you don't feel confident enough to engage your moving target, serious consideration should be given to finding a new hobby or a different defensive weapon. a poison dart from a 36 foot launching tube maybe.

Slide shows some wear normally found on used Sigs but without rusting. Receiver is in very good condition with very clean internals sporting the clean factory grips. It's a Sig so no need to mention how it will shoot, and if you don't know , more the reason to buy this for you to experience the addictive sensation it gives you. In fact, I'm holding it right now awaiting for a perpetrator to come out jumping into the room just so I can take a picture for you to demonstrate the terrifying wound and massive bleeding it's 45 acp would cause.
But I'm a professional and I would not suggest that you try it unless you have the same tactical skill level I have in strategically spreading Scotchguard on your carpet and a bodybag on standbyand a good set of friends to move the body and a better group of friends to get rid of it. Amazed? Keep on reading and hold all your questions until I'm done. Too late for you to stop reading my post right now so shut up and be patient just like the new trainee you are and just say " Yes Drill Sergeant, May I hear some More and Thank You Drill Sergeant when I tell you I'm done.

Yes, yes, I too am aware of the perceived ammo shortage of 45 rounds. If your better tango shooting, tactical rolling, IDPA shooting sense grabs a hold of your decision to get this, I will include 100rds of world renowned, feared and reverred 45ACP ammo, the same terrorist busting, gaping hole creating, massive wound and profuse bleeding inducing round you know from all the worldwide operations you have been in, yes you read right and this is not a misprint. Hell, I might even throw in the box they were purchased in as they are supposed to also possess certain mystical powers of averting an attack with just the presence of the five fearsome characters printed on it: 45ACP, yes, count it, it's 5 characters. Yes, it's been rumored that merely throwing the empty 45ACP box alone at an assailant can cause him to run for his life suffering a life-long trauma.

Furthermore, this will save you the time of waking -up at 3am and stalking your local wal-mart for some 45 ammo and wandering around the store like a Zombie in a trance.

So just to recap this just in case your adrenalin is rushing too fast from excitement and your libido has been tickled to the point of reduced mentation, here is what you get for $600

SIG P220 W. German made, accurate, deadly, sexy, indestructible.
6 Magazines, 4 Sig 7rdrs, 1 Sig stainless 8rdrs,, 1 promag 10rd
100rd 45ACP New factory loads to start you on your mission right away

- And just to further educate you on the virtue of Sig pistols. The TV series 24 reportedly asked Sig's permission to arm Mr. Bauer with a P220, but Sig insisted that if armed with a Sig P220, he would only need 12 instead of 24 to complete his mission, hence the deal was a no-go due to the laborious and non cost effective task of renaming the series.
- Dirty Harry was supposed to be armed with a SIG, but the word Dirty and Sig are not meant to be in one sentence, as an unidentified Sig source reported.
-Tears of the Sun was another movie where P220 was intended to be used by the SEALS operators instead of the HK (no offense to HK owners, have several myself), but again, Tears and Sigs are not meant to be spoken together as no owner of a SIG has been reported to be shedding any tears for using one.

-60 MINUTES was planning to show a special on the SIG and it's virtues but the show had to run 120 minutes due to SIG's many qualities and accolades. They just refused to extend their time.

I can go on, but who am I fooling. You are all firearms expert in your own rights. Movies and tv shows are not always intended for the reality of Sig ownership.

This is the complete package. Certified, verified, authorized, accredited, endorsed, stamped with approval by the executive, legislative and judicial branch of our government, , packaged in a heft of metal to fit in your hands. If you want to fend off attackers?, this will do it. If you want to annihilate a terror cell single handedly?, you've got the tool. You need to launch an Intercontinental ballistic Missile from the palm of your hands?, we can modify this, we have the technology. You want your house cleaned or your lawn mowed?, you can easily convince somebody with this. 45ACP will always be more effective than $45 dollars. This will chop your vegetables, do your laundry, walk the dog, steam your carpet and yes battle evil for you without you lifting a finger or breaking out a sweat. This is better than Viagra or Extenze by tenfolds in increasing your manhood or self-esteem. I'm giving you not ten, not twenty, not fifty, but 100 rounds of 45 devastating, corner bending, time and space crossing, fear imposing and respect commanding legendary ACP ammo.

Frankly, I don't know why you're still reading and not sending me a pm or e-mail for an appointment to pleasure yourself handling this sexy beast of steel protection. Unless you have lost your sense as a refined, knowledgeable firearms enthusiast who appreciates posession and acquisition of such an iconic and legendary firearm, don't ignore your impulses.

Are you planning to pm me? Maybe an e-mail? , well plans don't mean anything unless followed by actions.
ACT now. Yes you can. Time to decide whether you're an ameriCAN or an ameriCAN'T.

I am in SoCal, specifically in Cerritos but have been known to conduct my business in places like Ammo Bros in Cerritos, Insight range in Artesia, Ade's in Orange or Turner's in Norwalk or Orange when they have time to do it.

You can pm or e-mail me, I can check e-mail more frequently. Everyone knows what a P220 looks like. It's beautiful, threatening and stirs emotions of unexplained nature. Just in case you don't fall into the everybody category, A good doer Calgunner , SirGiles, assisted me in this humane endeavor to promote 2nd amendment awareness by posting the pictures, so scroll down the thread, better yet, feel free to see it, feel it and caress it as long as you don't grow attached to it without paying me first.

A good firearm only deserves to be replaced by another. If you have any USP model, expert, elite, 45 preferrred, but will consider a 9mm, we can also try and reach a deal.

email is rozar65@sbcglobal.net

because they won't approve rozar65@thisisthemostawesomesigdealever.com

When we meet, If you happen to like it and you will, might as well bring along your HSC card, your driver's license, cash, proof of residence not using a picture of your house, DNA sample and a family tree chart hopefully with more than one branch. Take your wife with you, take your sister with you, and there better be more than one woman with you if you do that. That should satisfy both the state's and my curiosity as to your intention and identity. See you there.

05-11-2009, 8:52 PM
:clap: too bad you aren't up north, I would buy this for the entertainment value alone. Good luck on the sale.

05-11-2009, 8:54 PM
Nice. Very nice.

05-11-2009, 8:56 PM

05-11-2009, 9:00 PM
A pic is worthless without a thread.

seriously, pics came out bigger than allowed. If you can help me resize them,be appreciated.

05-11-2009, 9:01 PM
killer deal :thumbsup:

05-11-2009, 9:04 PM
Open it up in paint, then hit "control + w" to open up "resize and skew" to resize your pic.

If that does not work just click on "image" in the top menu and then resize/skew.

05-11-2009, 9:06 PM
pm sent

05-11-2009, 9:31 PM
Gotta love that "Made in W. Germany" stamp!

05-11-2009, 9:32 PM
Tactic101, Sent your photo via email. Thanks to everybody's pm and e-mail, now i need to sort out them out by time.

05-11-2009, 9:56 PM
pm sent

05-11-2009, 11:04 PM
Wow, what an interesting sale post,lol. You should be a salesman :) BTW is Insights a good place to do a PPT? No problems with waits, extra illegal fees or setting times they do PPTs at?

I used to shoot there sometimes, still do once in a great while.

05-11-2009, 11:24 PM
It is a good PPT place, still $35 for the fee. On weekends however, they have refused to do a PPT due to their range customers. Did not give them any hassle though, they usually are good other days of the week. still a good place to shoot......Now slowly take control of your subconscious mind and direct your ten digits to type in "I will take it" and it will soon be over.

05-11-2009, 11:29 PM
You should be in Marketing:thumbsup: Free bump

05-11-2009, 11:38 PM
oh my (lmfao) fu##ing GOSH! you got skills dude. Can u send pics to solis@citypatrol.com

05-11-2009, 11:44 PM
Great thread. Sig's are the best.

05-11-2009, 11:51 PM
here you go.


05-11-2009, 11:52 PM
. On weekends however, they have refused to do a PPT due to their range customers.

Now slowly take control of your subconscious mind and direct your ten digits to type in "I will take it" and it will soon be over.

Uh oh....

And I so wish I could, I am ashamed my collection only contains two Sig Sauers. And a Sauer! Well, I do have a SIG STG 57 bayonet...

05-12-2009, 12:42 AM
A few strokes of your keyboard keys reading " I will take it" and using the power of the ENTER button will change your fate for the better. Do it now!!!

05-12-2009, 3:57 PM

05-12-2009, 5:33 PM
Free bump for a damn fine weapon.

Dr. Peter Venkman
05-12-2009, 5:53 PM
Best of Calguns.

Erik S. Klein
05-12-2009, 6:12 PM
Gotta love that "Made in W. Germany" stamp!


(Seriously. . . I know it's on the older models, but why is it "special?" :))

05-12-2009, 6:16 PM
PM sent

05-12-2009, 7:43 PM
Check your pm for a meeting place and contact no. Thanks

05-12-2009, 8:03 PM
Per our conversation, I'll take it!

05-13-2009, 12:03 PM
In line for 2nd :)

05-13-2009, 12:29 PM
I also own a W. German P220. I can attest to the fact that any man who possesses one, automatically increases his virility tenfold.

Which puts me at about -2 on the Richter scale of virility.

05-13-2009, 12:44 PM
Do not underestimate yourself. One can never be below 8 on the virility level for owning a SIG. Why the mere sight of my Sig have at times caused pleasurable sensation to the partner of interest.

05-13-2009, 12:49 PM
I think you have an exciting challenging career as a "Gun Writer" in your future.
And a damn sight better than many I've read so far!

05-13-2009, 12:59 PM
Thanks. Let me know where to send my resume and references.

05-13-2009, 1:03 PM
Frankly, I don't know why you're still reading and not sending me a pm or e-mail for an appointment to pleasure yourself handling this sexy beast of steel protection. Unless you have lost your sense as a refined, knowledgeable firearms enthusiast who appreciates posession and acquisition of such an iconic and legendary firearm, don'tignore your impulses.

You could talk a cat off a fishwagon! Are you a professional ice salesman in Alaska?

05-13-2009, 1:49 PM
lol fantastic read...

05-13-2009, 1:53 PM
No, just able to verbalize my deep appreciation of firearms.

05-13-2009, 2:15 PM
Do not underestimate yourself. One can never be below 8 on the virility level for owning a SIG. Why the mere sight of my Sig have at times caused pleasurable sensation to the partner of interest.

So I'm supposed to show it to her?????

Well WTH! Why don't they tell you that in the instructions?:mad:

05-13-2009, 5:16 PM
CandRTom, thank you for honoring promptly our pm and verbal agreement and showing up at our undisclosed location and finalizing your journey to
SIG knighthood by ending your lengthy conguest for a W. german SIG P 220.

It may still be unknown to you but it will soon be, as you notice a sudden surge of your confidence in tackling dangerous situations single handed with your new steel companion of destruction. The mysterious appearance of other shooters at the range staring at you and your behemoth of a weapon of mass casualty. And yes, you may always be accorded the respect and recognition of the highest order due to your new conquest. It should be no mystery if your range score increases in an infinite exponentially mysterious fashion and even your paper targets to appear to shiver and shake before they undergo molecular transformation.

In other words, the Sig is S O L D to this gentleman who answered to the call without hesitation and promptly reported for duty to the designated ORP for the official briefing and initial instruction of Sig ownership.

Sincere thanks to those others also well deserving 2nd Amendment warriors who were not as fortunate due to other obligations, family, career or financial in matter. But it's not too late. I may again post another oppportunity if you are tactically sound in searching this thread from time to time.

I just hope that this post will be honored enough to make it in the annals of literary Calguns reading and immortalized as an entertaining sticky. And yes, you may vote on it.


05-24-2009, 6:27 PM
while I still enjoy the e-mails I receive from interested parties, I just want to
let everyboduy know, Yrs, it is sold as of two weeks ago. Thanks.