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05-11-2009, 6:42 PM
Real Photos will be posted soon! Here is something to tide you all over until I break out the Nikon!:


I'm interested in trading my now off-list NAA .32 Guardian, including a C.C. Mfg Laser Pocket Slipper (plus cash) for a Kahr PM9. The beauty of this gun/laser combo is that it slips into a front pocket and the print is indistinguishable from a small wallet. The slipper also adds a great secure grip, extends the practical range of the gun and speeds the shots-on-target time considerably.

(Ya, it's only a .32, but it's a highly carryable, highly concealable gun with an accurate laser-aimer, which is a lot better to have in your pocket at night in a Walmart parking lot than your $2k .45ACP sitting at home on your night-stand! Am I right, am I right???)

I have around 500rds down the barrel and it seems broken-in and relatively free from it's initial 2% FTF issues (common with these guns, and I hear the PM9's as well :shrug: (FYI: NAA will give it a reliability check & fix for free, but it I wanted to break it in first). I'd normally keep such a kewl little gun, but cash is best kept for paying bills now a days and I thought an owner of a PM9 might be tempted by a trade+cash offer for a little off-list blaster like this one. I'll include 2-3 50rd boxes of ball and a box or two of Corbon HP ammo (I'll have to check inventory to get a final count). I'll take any of the PM9's and would be willing to pay more for upgraded sights or finishes (factory or aftermarket) or extra mags. Holsters are of no value to me unless they are Lefty :mad:.

"Bullet" Points::smilielol5:
- Finish 95%; light wear from very occasional pocket carry
- Barrel Clean, gun always cleaned after shooting.
- CA Integral Lock system (ILS) removed (Included in box)
- Includes Factory Box, Case, Manual, Two 6rd Mags (1 with finger ext.)
- I'm in San Diego & am currently only interested in a FTF transfer. I'll meet as far North as On-Target in SJC for those in LA/Orange.
- Willing to meet & shoot/socialize and finalize our decisions then. Weekends are the only time I am free to meet. PM me with the details of your PM9 if your interested (no other trades considered at this time, sorry!).


2004/2005 NAA .32 Guardian, CA ILS Model (Paid $379 at Turners, I think ?)
Length: 4.4"
Height: 3.3"
Width: 0.85"
Weight w/mag: 13.5 oz.
Weight Loaded: 14.8 oz.

C.C. Manufacturing Laser Slipper for NAA .32 (Paid $150.)
Weight of Laser Slipper: 1.5 oz. (?)

Thanks for looking!

07-09-2009, 3:58 PM
Interested in Shipping?

07-09-2009, 8:33 PM
Interested in Shipping?

Unless you're a law enforcement officer, or live out of state, it can't be shipped to you.

07-11-2009, 5:34 PM
Would you trade for cash?

07-11-2009, 5:59 PM
PM Sent