View Full Version : Springfield M6 Scout Range report

05-10-2009, 1:13 PM
So I finally got to take my M6 scout out to American Shooting Center for some target practice. I bought this used from a fellow Calgunner a few months back and havent had a chance to get out and test it. I used a brick of Remington Golden Bullet for .22s and some random remington .410 in the shotgun load.

The Remington worked great in the M6 but I had many FTE in my Marlin 60. Between the 2 rifles I shot about 300 or so rounds (takes quite a long time through a single shot such as the M6) After shooting for nearly an hour through the tiny peep sight, I got the bright idea to shoot 5 shot groups at several distances to test accuracy. Unfortunately my eyes were getting pretty tired at this point so needless to say I shot much worse than I would have liked to. All groups were shot off hand, no sling. First pic is the scout and then my targets at the respective ranges. I was impressed for the type of rifle it is, with a tiny peep sight and funky "squeeze trigger". The trigger has a curve in it that I found was a good area to index my pointer and middle fingers into as a means to maintain a steady squeeze. In a true SHTF survival situation I would trust the M6 to put some food on the table. Easily.

05-10-2009, 4:26 PM
Nice rifle. I always liked those. Are you going to do the mod to allow the rifle to completely fold over flat? It involves making the "trigger" guard removeable. Some survival types wrap the barrels in paracord to: keep it warm in cold weather, give a textured grip, and have some stored paracord for emergencies.

05-10-2009, 4:30 PM
I might add the paracord wrap at some point, but I will probably leave the trigger guard, as it also prevents my fingers from being smashed when I break it open to reload.