View Full Version : IT hardware tech plus admin. I can service your business needs in San Diego

Corbin Dallas
05-10-2009, 11:50 AM
Hey all! I've been thinking about this for a LONG time and now I'm finally getting around to starting outside IT consulting. Whether you need just a tune up of your old PC or a complete upgrade, I can take care of it all.

I specialize in saving money. For example, while at HP my group was allocated 105k for a project that my team produced for less than 25k. The over 75% savings earned our department and management a very large bonus.

If you need an IT professional who can get the job done in a timely and professional manner, please do not hesitate to call on me.

I also can assist in the design, purchase and implementation of a home media center with a central NAS.

My background:

- Coleman University graduate in Computer applications and network
- University of Phoenix graduate in Business Management
- HP technician and IT admin support 2003-2008
- Currently a level 4 technician at a server manufacting company.

What I'm able to offer you:

- Hardware support, upgrades and troubleshooting
- Stress test and failure analysis
- Build recommendations (from simple workstation to petabyte (1000TB or 1,000,000GB storage systems)
- Repair of laptops, desktops and servers including 1U through blades
- Design, setup and network management
- Microsoft office products training on Excel and Access
- Familiar with all Microsoft operating systems including new Windows 7 and Server2008

Some of my work includes:

- Repair HP laptops for power on issues with the motherboard
- Network LAN/WLAN design with secure encription for 30-50 user group
- Design, setup, test and troubleshoot network servers and blade racks

Smallest build to date:
- Digital picture frame with winXP from old laptop

Largest workstation build to date:
- Quad/quadcore Intel, 256GB ram, 6TB raid 60, dual QuadroFX 5600G video with G-Lan.

Largest server build to date:
- 1.44PB storage rack. 120 storage nodes, 12 power nodes, 12 compute nodes.