View Full Version : Good day shooting today!

05-09-2009, 4:25 PM
No pics, but just wanted to share the good day I had shooting. Aside from the idiots next to me, once they left it was all good.

I went out to Ramona this morning, brought the 1911, CZ75 and S&W .500.

The CZ shooting was nice, nothing to brag about but I wanted to put a couple rounds through it since it's been a few months.

Tried some new cartidges in the .500, the HSM 350 grainers. WOW, those things have some kick, only put 10 rounds through, though that was probably 5 too many....

Now, I probably had my best day yet with the 1911, gave me new found appreciation for the thing. I set up some clay's at roughly 30 yards and was plinking the off with some what reliable accuracy. Up until today I just liked my 1911, now I LOVE my 1911, it was really fun. Found out that PMC is more accurate than Blazer Brass, in my hands anyway.

Now it's too bad I can't find .45 ammo anywhere!!

OK, thanks for listening:)

05-09-2009, 5:37 PM
I had a good day too. I rented a Ruger GP100 and brought along the Glock 19. The shop was busy but the range was quiet. I got to fondle the Sig P226 in .40 I have been wanting.