View Full Version : Anyone Had Experience With AR-7.com Before

05-07-2009, 11:57 AM
Has anyone purchased from AR-7.com recently? I'm was looking for 18" replacement barrel with either ghost ring or rifle sights for my Winchester 1300 Defender. I contacted them (ar-7.com) by phone and emailed them per their phone recorder message. No respose yet and I want to make sure they're OK to buy from and not a obselete web site. I wopuld be greatful if anyone has information about them. Thanks. :confused::confused::confused:

Bug Splat
05-07-2009, 2:42 PM
Well you're kind in the wrong forum for 22 rifles. I ordered a few parts from them last year (2/15/08) and although it took them a week to reply back with a shipping confirmation, my order got to me a couple weeks later. My guess is its a one man operation who does it on the side. The AR-7 name has been sold off and passed around so many times over the years its hard to know who is running the show now.