View Full Version : S & W MP15 Lowers are in! So are KD Lowers at GOLDEN STATE TACTICAL

05-07-2009, 12:13 AM

Hi All,

Near the Sacramento area? or NOT? Either way, I have 25 S & W MP15's and an endless supply of Kaiser Defense Lowers now available.:43:

The S & W's are now up on the website, and the KD's will be once I log in the huge set of boxes I received.

Shipping is at cost (I might even be losing money here) but so what. No gouging at Golden State.

Get this, the first batch of these (18) the distributor charged me $120.00 to ship them. Before you laugh, I was willing to pay it just to get them here and get y'all lookin' at the store on the web.

Take a gander at the GST out here in the S A C and have at them!!