View Full Version : Need Quote & Work Done for Ridiculous SKS Build

05-06-2009, 11:54 PM
I have a yugo sks at home with some messed up bluing I need to fix and a crappy stock I had to float in bondo and reshape just to make shootable. It actually turned out pretty nice once I painted it, but I digress. I got it from Big 5 a while back, before I knew where to go to get a decent deal on one.
I have rifles. Reasonable, purposeful, useful, attractive rifles. I have enough of them. Thing is, I don't really like too many conventional SKS accessories, and I've got some really goofy ideas on what I want. Carbines are nice, but what I'd really like is a long-barreled (26" or more?) autoloading rifle chambered in the 7.62x39 cartridge that has a fixed magazine and an AR-style buttstock and grip, or maybe something that looks more like a PSG-1 if I get really audacious. I realize that the stock issue can be taken care of with a Tapco stock for the time being. I can handle getting it 922r compliant, that's easy enough. The trick is the barrel. I know there are .30 cal barrel blanks available, and what I want to know is:
1) After being chambered for 7.62x39, can the aforementioned barrels have gas ports drilled in them for use with surplus 7.62x39 ammunition?
2) Can the gas block from the existing yugo barrel--which seems to in good shape--be pressed off and reused, or would a new one need to be fabricated?
3) What would it cost to have it done?
4) Separately, I'd like to have a switch of some sort put in to hold the bolt open even when the magazine is loaded, maybe like the one on an M1A. It's kind of a pain to not be able to do that. If you have any ideas on how to do it, and what you'd charge, PM me please.
If you're a gunsmith, happen to be within a reasonable driving distance of Fresno, CA, and think you'd like to do the aforementioned work, do PM me. Bear in mind that I would probably want to begin sometime this summer.
I saw a guy's AK build on here at some point, one that was set up as a straight pull single action with a long barrel, and I thought it was neat. I'd had an idea like that before, but dismissed it. Now I figure, why not?
Those wishing to criticize me for ruining the rifle or anything like that can keep it to themselves. I know your posts are inevitable, but I ask this regardless. This yugo is nothing special. Some of you loathe "bubba" rifles; I get that. Take it elsewhere, please. I want to hopefully get a nice, reasonably accurate, CA legal autoloading rifle out of it.
I know there are other rifles I could buy, but I like the open-topped, stripper clip friendly loading of the SKS. That, and I already have it.
Hey, at least I'm not trying to homebuild a bullpup or something. That could get ugly.

[edit] Would it be possible to use an infantry length mosin nagant barrel, rechambered and drilled with a gas port? Just a thought.

05-11-2009, 9:02 PM
what's wrong with the barrel you have on it now? The Tapco stock would probably be a good move if you really like the AR style butt stock.a couple posts above yours is a fellow that mentions Duracoating.one of those Tapco stocks in earth tone with a slightly darker olive drab Duracoat on the metal would actually look good.