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05-06-2009, 11:25 PM
i was over "there" looking for the $80 bcg's that i missed by 20 minutes and saw this, someone is betting on some business.. $4.8mil?

Anvil Arms is pleased to announce the formation of a new company, Anvil Manufacturing. Anvil Arms will continue to
manufacture premium quality AR15 type weapons in both custom and standard configurations while Anvil Manufacturing
will begin providing premium quality components for the AR15 family of weapons.
Anvil Manufacturing has contracted with one of the premier machine shops in the country to act as our manufacturing
facility. This shop is fully ISO/TS 16949:2002 compliant, uses state of the art air purification systems for employee and
machine health and maintains a “No floor dry” policy to keep the facility and equipment clean, maintained and well
The CNC machine list is impressive and includes 4 multi-station Hydromat machines, 75 Screw machines ranging from
very small to huge, 22 Turning and milling machines and a vast array of highly accurate technical inspection equipment for
the ultimate in quality control.
Our in house staff includes mechanical engineers, metallurgists, heat treating and dedicated quality control specialists. This,
combined with the above noted machines and our highly skilled operators and in house heat treating facility ensures we
have the ultimate in quality control.
The first product we will be bringing to the AR market is going to be complete Bolt Carrier Assemblies. By the close of 2009
we will have produced in excess of 150,000 units. The first of these will be available starting July 25th, 2009. These will
not be just any bolt carrier assemblies, these will be the very best production units available. In most cases the tolerances
allowed by the Mil-Spec have been cut in half requiring our product to be even more stringently made and inspected. Below
is a short list of just some of the things we are doing to insure the best possible product.
This project alone represents an initial investment in machines and tooling of 4.8 Million Dollars. Only the very best, most
accurate machines and cutting tools are being used. Cutting tool replacement cycles have been scheduled to be shortened
from normal industry standards to help insure that all tools maintain the intended sharpness and dimensions.
Bolt materials will be either Carpenter 158 or 9310. Both will be available to the client. Carpenter 158 is a small up-charge.
(Most all US made commercial bolts are made from 8620 steel, 9310 is far superior, Carpenter 158 is Mil-Spec)
• ALL (100%) of the bolts will be Magnetic Particle Inspected as per Mil-Spec.
• All Bolts will be shot peened to relieve stress.
• All Bolts will feature an undercut of 0.020” on the one locking lug directly opposed to the extractor slot. This has
been shown to relieve the stress on the two locking lugs next to the extractor slot and greatly extends bolt life.
• All Bolt Carriers will be hard chromed inside the bolt bore per Mil-Spec.
• All Gas Keys will be internally hard chromed per Mil-Spec.
• We are making our own certified grade 8 bolts for the gas key. These bolts will feature extra aggressive knurling to
help provide a better contact area for the staking operation.
• Gas Key bolts will also have high temperature scotch grip pre-applied to the threads to help insure they do not
ever come loose.
3 different bolt carrier assemblies will be offered, all at the same price.
• The standard M16 carrier will be available for those with a need for full automatic capability.
• A standard “cut back” semi-automatic carrier for those wanting a traditional semi-automatic carrier.
• The “Anvil Carrier” This carrier is intended to address the needs of those individuals that want the extra weight of the
full auto carrier but do not want any of the possible legal ramifications of having a full auto carrier in their weapon. To
accomplish this we simply take off 10% of the bottom portion of the carrier in the critical area and slant the very bottom
slightly to make this carrier 100% guaranteed not to be visually confused with a full auto carrier and 100% never able to
activate the auto sear, but at the same time, maintain almost all of the weight of the full auto carrier. We all know the weapon
functions better with the heavier carrier, now you can have the proper weight and be 100% without any legal worries. This is
soon going to be come “The” semi automatic carrier.
This is just a short list of the improvements and quality concerns we are addressing. A more thorough list and technical data sheet is
Introductory MSRP is going to be $140 for the assembly with the 9310 bolt and $15 additional for the Carpenter for a total of $155.
Dealer pricing starts at only 10 units and there are quantity price breaks up to 10,000 units.
Prices DO NOT include shipping to your location.
ANVBCA-BC15IS-COMP9310 AR15 Bolt Carrier and 9310 Bolt Completely Assembled
ANVBCA-BC15IS-COMPCARP158 AR15 Bolt Carrier and Carpenter Bolt Completely Assembled
ANVBCA-BC15ANV-COMP9310 Anvil AR15 Bolt Carrier and 9310 Bolt Completely Assembled
ANVBCA-BC15ANV-COMPCARP158 Anvil AR15 Bolt Carrier and Carpenter Bolt Completely Assembled
ANVBCA-BC16-COMP9310 M16 Bolt Carrier and 9310 Bolt Completely Assembled
ANVBCA-BC16-COMPCARP158 M16 Bolt Carrier and Carpenter Bolt Completely Assembled
All units will be sold and pre-booked on a first order placed first order filled basis. Shipping will begin on July 27th
Dealers - It is highly recommended that you program your deliveries through the end of the year. These will go quickly,
programming will insure that you get what you need.. Of course you may also purchase a bulk order to cover your needs to year end
and request soonest delivery of the entire order. This will be fulfilled on a first ordered first shipped basis. Please contact us for dealer
PLEASE CONTACT US for a PDF File with an extensive description and specification sheet we can email you.

Retail Clients (Orders of less than 10 units) please contact:
Anvil Arms LLC
OEM’s, Resellers, Distributors, Dealers (Orders of 10 or more)
Anvil Manufacturing LLC

(http://ee.ar15.com/styles/eedark/noAuctionImage.gif) (http://ee.ar15.com/styles/eedark/noAuctionImage.gif) (http://ee.ar15.com/styles/eedark/noAuctionImage.gif)
Shipping Information:

Buyer Pays Shipping, US Shipping Only, Face to Face,


05-07-2009, 7:57 AM
Beat me to the post. Too bad shipping doesn't start till July 25th, either way, ANvil makes nice stuff so I'll order one.

05-07-2009, 8:06 AM
Interesting. Sounds as if they are going after the BCM/LMT milspec crowd. It would be nice to have another quality option since the BCG is arguably the most important part of the AR system.

05-07-2009, 9:06 AM

I have an anvil arms lower and its very nice!...

i wonder if they can laser etch something onto the BCG!

05-07-2009, 9:28 AM
Looking forward to seeing the build quality & how these hold up at a tactical course. May pick up a few.

05-07-2009, 10:55 AM
AFAIK there are no legal Ramifications for M16 style bolt carrier as long as no other M16 parts are attached to the rifle?
Sounds interesting though, so the firing pin would remain fully shrouded? Will it still help with the issues of having a non fully shrouded carrier? (not that its anything major?)

05-07-2009, 10:57 AM
delete double post

The Bacon Eater
05-07-2009, 11:20 AM
Can i pre order? I was a little confused between the two bolt metals used. Which is better, pros vs cons of each? thanks

05-07-2009, 6:34 PM
Hi Guys! (And Ladies!!)

FreonR22 – Thanks for making that post! Very nice of you to do that!

“since the BCG is arguably the most important part of the AR system”
#### I believe it is, that is exactly why we have gone all out to make it the very best we possibly can. Once we are happily rolling along we will start looking at some of the individual parts to see what can be done to increase both reliability and longevity without sacrificing either one.

Extreme Quality at reasonable prices. It isn’t, but, it almost sounds like a company motto. However, that is exactly what we are striving for.

“i wonder if they can laser etch something onto the BCG!”
##### Actually we can. I have dome some just because… I can.. lol.. It comes out a subdued silver, holds up very well, causes no problems with corrosion or anything else as far as I can tell. However it is not something I really want to get into doing. I see a lot more work there than profits, especially with 150,00 or so to do!! Will I do one, occasionally for somebody? Probably so…..sigh…

“Looking forward to seeing the build quality & how these hold up at a tactical course.”
##### How about 5,000 rounds full auto in 1 afternoon? Would that be an acceptable substitute?

“Can i pre order?”
#### Sure you can. Send me an email, I’ll send you the PDF and an order form. (even if your not ordering, email me for the PDF). WAIT..forget that.. I have figured out how to add the PDF here so you can download it directly! you will still need the order from though...

I was a little confused between the two bolt metals used. Which is better, pros vs cons of each? Thanks”
##### I have asked the engineers this and the answer basically is this, (from the engineering team): “Carpenter 158 has had more testing (by the government) and would therefore currently be considered the more tested material. Preliminary testing shows that 9310 is far superior to 8620 but comparisons are not conclusive when comparing to Carpenter 158.

If I had to say which was superior at this point in time I would pick the Carpenter 158.”

Consider that the basic design has been around a long time. There are a lot of metals, finishes, machining techniques and so forth that are available now that never have been before. The government (Mil-Spec) will be VERY SLOW in changing. The private sector has the capability to far exceeded the minimum requirements as set forth by the Mil-Spec. We have already done so and as time goes on we will introduce more and more refinements and improvements. Our goal is to constantly test and challenge ourselves to improve on the current status quo and bring it up to the next level, and then test and challenge that.

The PDF File is just below, click on the link and down load it:thumbsup:

Jon Kruger
President, Anvil Arms / Anvil Manufacturing


The Bacon Eater
05-07-2009, 7:38 PM
Great. I will place my order in about a week. Thank you

05-08-2009, 7:24 AM
ill probably order one in the future...

I have one of your lowers and its really a nice!

05-13-2009, 2:50 PM
ill probably order one in the future...

I have one of your lowers and its really a nice!

You can preorder now if you want, you don't get charged until the order is shipped. just drop me a note and ask for the order form, I'll be happy to return email it. Also, (Hopefully!) the website will be working to accept credit cards. I'm not sure if you order it on the website if you will get charged then or when we ship... The people trying to figure out what is wrong wiht the charge function of the website have not been able to figure that out either... Yet..

Jon K.