View Full Version : Ammunition Sales Restrictions One Step Closer to Defeat (Update on AB962)

05-06-2009, 6:15 PM
Assembly Committee on Appropriations Places AB962 into the Suspense File

NRA Email:

Today, Assembly Bill 962 was placed in the suspense file by the Assembly Committee on Appropriations.

Sponsored by Assembly Member Kevin De Leon (D-45), AB962 would make it a crime to privately transfer more than 50 rounds of ammunition per month, even between family and friends, unless you are registered as a "handgun ammunition vendor" in the Department of Justice's database. Ammunition retailers would have to be licensed and store ammunition in such a manner that it would be inaccessible to purchasers. The bill would also require purchasers submit to fingerprinting, which would be submitted to the Department of Justice. Lastly, mail order ammunition sales would be prohibited.

While this development is a solid step towards defeating AB962, the bill still poses a threat.

05-06-2009, 7:39 PM
Yes; I keep asking NRA-ILA to add something like "CA 2009 AB 962" to their email subject lines so folks posting their emails would use something with useful information. Apparently that detracts from the drama or something. (Paul Payne? Mike Haas? Would you pretty-please-with-sugar-on-it ask NRA-ILA again?)

Good job on adding that info yourself. My copy hit my e-mailbox at 5:33.

Better if it had been added to an existing 962 thread, but this shows you are on the NRA mailing list and you recognize an important development when you see it.

05-06-2009, 10:07 PM
Thank you Gents.

Just trying to be a helpful participant.