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05-05-2009, 10:12 PM
My Dad has a old Model #1917 S&W U.S. Army Military .45 Caliber Revolver that has been cut barrel (because a tank ran it over) It is a pretty neat old gun but he is like a freak about it and barely would let me see it... I have been into guns for year but he is all secret squirrel with his stuff.... he also has a ww2 enfield with flash hider (old school solid one) and he showed me that popped it back into the box before I could get much more of a look at it...

the .45 also says NO. 38 and the numbers 558 underneath it...

the barrell has a bunch of dates too
dec 17, 1902, feb 6, 1906, sept. 14 1909

what does it all mean? :) no pics yet he swooped it too soon. :)

05-05-2009, 10:31 PM
LOL - Leave dad's stuff alone -

05-05-2009, 10:33 PM
There are probably reasons why he doesn't trust you...:rolleyes:

05-05-2009, 10:47 PM
Were these dad's guns he had in the war?

If that's the case - there may be a deeper reason why he doesn't much want to share with anyone - even family. I've known a few guys like that - who had personal effects from war that they just didn't share with anybody. Tangible memories if you will.

Don't take it personally. Just leave it alone. If he doesn't want to share it with you -it's for good reason.

05-05-2009, 11:18 PM
Nah he has fingered all my guns pretty much and he know and I think has seen me shoot since I was a little guy... (I did not live with him)

I figured out tonight he is sooo not into getting a gun registered in his name as he thinks registration should not be for good people... (i agree) But he wants a new Glock... He tried explaining UOC to me... I thought that was cool... He did not know it needed to be registered to YOU... Again he was not fond of that. HA!!

But he is just freaky about his guns and he NEVER even shoots them. He has said to me before.. Something to the effect "You will get them when I die" and that is all cool but I would like him to enjoy them with me or even by himsef... I am not trying to get the guns... Just think it is a shame he just lets them sit.

Heck he was a radar man in the navy he saw NO action and has NO reason to be like this. There were bought or given guns from YEARS ago. He is always asking me if anyone has any old guns for sale... I am 37 and never saw "him" shoot ever...

My step Mom is like "cut it out just go shoot with him etc etc" She even shot as a youth back east.

Ahhh my Dad... he is a just a interesting dude... HAHA! My grandpa was like that too.... I can assure you it is NOt for a good reason.

It is just HIS way or it's his way... truly I think he does not even like many people, including ME!! :) It is sorta sad, I try to hang with him but not so much on teh working out part!!

Ahhh maybe someday he will come around.... :)

It was funny my 8 year old was asked by him "What do you do when someone hands you a gun?"

My 8 year old looks at him while grandpa hands him the unloaded gun and says... (without much hesitation) "You have to make sure it is not loaded and keep it pointed down... It was funny, I got a kick out of that. He and my 5 year old got to handle that old .45 and both kep the fingered off the gun like they were taught!! :)