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Bender Rodriguez
05-05-2009, 5:28 PM
Just want to say hello to everyone and to introduce myself. I'm kind of new to guns... I have handled and fired firearms a couple times when I was younger, mainly shooting clay pigeons. Of course those guns did not belong to me and I did not grow up with guns in my household.

Some of my friends are into assault rifles and they showed me few of their rifles recently and now I want one lol. Originally I just wanted a hand gun or a shot gun for home protection, but since the talks about banning rifles or whatever keeps coming up I feel pressured to get a rifle first. I do not want an AR off the shelf. I have been told to first purchase the lower, so that if there is a ban on assault rifles then I would be okay because of the Grandfather clause.

I also want to learn about firearms, so that I have a far better respect for them besides knowing it can kill. "Boston's Gun Bible" is a book that was suggested to me. I was told it is kind of like a Guns for Dummies manual. What do you guys think?

Well I hope to learn a lot from this board and hopefully make a few friends.

05-05-2009, 6:34 PM
Welcome aboard. You came to the right place to learn about weapons. Personally, I think "assault rifle" is a misnomer. Anyways, have fun and enjoy your stay. Here is some posts that will give you a head start.



05-06-2009, 8:44 AM
Yeah, leave the term "assault rifle" for the media and the anti's. All you're looking into buying is a legal, semi auto rifle for sport and recreation.

A good book as many have pointed out before is "How to own a gun and stay out of jail - CA edition." Look for that, it's sold at many gun stores, and it covers a number of legal and safety aspects.

If your friends are Calguns members, or competent and responsible gun owners, get some coaching and guidance from them. Always good to learn from someone in person.

Welcome aboard, use the search feature, and ask any questions that you feel need to be discussed!