View Full Version : Bought 2 new Marlin 795's, one jams, one doesn't

05-04-2009, 10:14 PM
I took my 2 new Marlin 795's out today, and one jammed on every magazine, one never did. I was using the same ammo, and even tried switching magazines. The ammo was Blazer 22LR 40 grain.

Is that a poor feeding ammo in the 795 that just happened to work well in the one 795, or do I have a problem with the action?

Neither had been shot before. I also tried a little WD-40 in the problem rifle, to no effect. Unfortunately, I had no other ammo brands to try with me.

05-04-2009, 10:42 PM
I guess the question becomes what was the nature of the jams? Same on every instance or multiple jams of different sourcing? Clearly, from your description the rifle seems suspect.

You might peek in over at marlinowners.com and see what's been posted there.

06-06-2009, 7:57 PM
Sounds like a bad magazine spring.

06-06-2009, 10:21 PM
Sounds like a bad magazine spring.

He switched the mags.

06-06-2009, 10:28 PM
Story is over, I took mit back to Big 5 and swaped it for a 10/22, with another 10 day wait of course. Had the 10/22 all these weeks, and still haven't fired it, but it's not alone in that category, I need to shoot the Heritage Rough Rider 22LR/22 Mag too

06-08-2009, 3:20 PM
Firstly, Blazer is not a recommended brand of ammunition for reliable functioning of the Marlin 795 according to your owners manual.. that is probably where your problem started.

Secondly, WD-40 is NOT a lubricant, it is a penetrant so anything that wasn't smooth before is just going to loose whatever lubrication it had prior to your WD-40 "cleaning" job.

As stated on page 4 of the Marlin Self-Loading Rimfire Owner's Manual(22lr and 17 Mach 2) with clip magazine

Note: Our testing has shown that the following types of 22 L.R. ammunition produce the most consistent functioning and the best accuracy in our self-loading 22 rifles:

- CCI Mini-mag
- CCI Mini-mag Hollow Point
- Federal Classic High Velocity
- Remington High Velocity (Not Thunderbolt)
- Winchester Super X High Velocity

06-08-2009, 3:22 PM
At least your unintentional torture test resulted in you ending up with the more reliable and rugged of the two 795s you originally purchased!