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05-04-2009, 1:58 PM
Any budding film makers on this board.

Perhaps we can put together our collective heads and make some film projects with pro second amendment messages.

If the project takes off, it could turn into a business project. Let's face it, all investments have risk.

Why not invest in something you believe in.

If things turn sour, at least you have peace of mind that you made a investment in something that was a worthy effort.

Many of the films Hollywood puts out are weak on stories, as such, they are boring to watch.

Many good films have been produced on very low budgets.

If we put together our own film company, we could start making our own films.

We have 10,000 active members on the board.

We could actually make a decent film for 1 million dollars, that is a 100 dollar per member investment.

Of course we have naysayers, we can always come up with reasons why we can't do things.

I guess I'm just to optimistic:p


05-04-2009, 2:18 PM
I have a good friend who's done some direct to DVD movies for WB; he has most of his own camera gear and editing equipment/software. Talented guy, and very pro-2A. I'll see if he'd help in this regard.

$1Mil would be a hell of a shot in the arm to CGF/NRA. I think we can do some decent short films for close to nothing and donate the remaining $999,XXX to the Foundation :)

Hans Gruber
05-04-2009, 2:37 PM
I'd say that it's probably a more manageable task to start with some compelling (though non threatening) spec commercials espousing the strengths of our arguments.