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05-03-2009, 4:46 AM
I am posting this because a client said I should.....

One of the services my company offers, which is primarily a Private Investigations business, is defensive handgun training.

This has become an in-demand service, specifically for those who apply for a CCW in the Carry-friendly Central Valley. So far, with the help of a local indoor range, we have assisted several people in obtaining their CCW. What we provide is one-on-one coaching starting at zero gun knowledge (if necessary) and progressing thru issuance of a CCW. We help you choose the best handgun/caliber for your needs, and help you learn the safe operation of the weapon. We coordinate with your issuing agency and assist you in completing your CCW packet. When the time comes to apply you will be trained and ready to pass whatever testing and range qualification that is required.

One client in particular, a recently widowed lady in her 60's, started with almost no experience and now shoots weekly and is a very good shot with her Glock 26. She obtained her CCW last month and now carries regularly.

Your training is personalized and designed around your experience level to best meet your needs. We have male and female trainers and can work around your schedule. Military and Police experience, references available.

Free initial consultation and discount for Calgunners.

Contact info below or PM me.

Toby K Bogges
Synergy Associates
CA PI 24404/PPO 16192/Firearms permit 296210
37221 Avenue 12 Suite 1C39
Madera Ranchos, CA 93636

05-07-2009, 10:37 AM
I sent an email and never got a response...