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05-02-2009, 4:34 PM
The Italians make beautiful things. Architecture, art, cars, clothing, brunettes, and guns. Here's a fine example of Italian styling in the form of a Beretta 96 Inox. She's got about a thousand rounds down the kisser, and looks cherry. Cleaned and lubed after every range trip and lives a quiet life in a pelican case these days.


The whimpy 13LB spring has been replaced with a beefy 18LB, so it feels nice and tight. The plastic guide rod has been replaced with steel. Grips have been replaced with a a Hogue wrap around job. Standard red dot sights, has a nice weight to her as well.

Included in this sale are four ten round mags, original case, box, manual and lock, plus the stock grips and spings, a complete set of Wolf springs, and Blackhawk Serpa level II retention belt hoslter.

I'm selling this because I've moved into Sigs, CZ's and the mighty 1911, and I just don't shoot it anymore. Make no mistake, Kimosabe, this good gun plenty. Make heap big boom boom.

All this for $600.00 in Federal Reserve Notes
Not looking to trade at this time as this sale will take a little of the sting out of funding my .308

FTF at these two locations only:

Uncle Paul's Exchange in Ventura on Saturdays.
Gun World in Burbank on Weekdays.

Buyer pays transfer and DROS fees and can feel free to pick up lunch as well.

Hey look...more photos!




05-02-2009, 4:54 PM
I will take it

05-02-2009, 5:26 PM
Well, that was quick. 20 minutes.

Sold Pending Funds to esteemed Calgunner TacFan.

05-02-2009, 9:02 PM
Good deal, I thought the new member from Florida might come around and get it!

05-26-2009, 7:35 PM
So is this sold?

05-26-2009, 7:40 PM
So is this sold?

yup actually sitting right next to me :)

05-26-2009, 7:53 PM
TacFan = Lucky Guy!!