View Full Version : Shamless plug: Ladies Self defense in SoCal

05-01-2009, 11:26 PM
June 27th-28th at FTA in Norco/Corona area.

Its a fun class, you get fed breakfast (we never do that for the guys :p ) The class room portion is taught by ladies except the hand to hand. You also get to kick the crap out of one of the guys :)

This is me a few years back when I was selected to be the attacker. All the feet in the background is the female audience.

Specifically designed for women of all ages interested in family or personal safety, the enjoyment of the outdoor shooting sports, or the development of recreational shooting skills.

We teach our female students the proper use and safe handling of a handgun, chemical irritants (i.e., pepper spray), as well as learning and applying effective self-defense techniques.

Due to our proactive teaching approach, our cumulative experience, thoroughness, and the emerging desire for a course like this that caters to women, this is one of our more popular classes.

Upon completion of this class the student should be confident and proficient with:

+ Understanding "Stalker Laws"
+ Knowing what a stalker is
+ Laws specifically designed to protect women
+ Applying "Situational Awareness" to everyday life
+ Pistol marksmanship
+ Unarmed self-defense techniques
+ Edged weapon awareness (i.e., how to use a knife to protect yourself)
+ Proper utilization and employment of Pepper Spray

Equipment: (Equipment can be provided, upon request in advance)

+ Eye and ear protection
+ Handgun
+ Holster
+ Ammunition carrying devise for belt
+ 2 magazines or 1 speed loader
+ Belt
+ Shirt with sleeves
+ Hat
+ Ammunition - 400 rounds (minimum)